September 17 , 2020

High-Risk Working Environments

In this day and age safety has become the number one priority of every business, from the more obvious industries such as construction to individuals working within an office environment. 

Who would have thought that the companies working inside buildings would be concerned about their physical safety?

It’s fair to say safety precautions were always there however, with this global pandemic in mind, every site is now a high-risk. Ensuring safety checks are being carried out more regularly to keep your work environment safe.

Digitalise your Industry Guidelines Procedures

In the global pandemic, all the necessary health and safety guidelines are covered by various criteria. A lot of the guidelines are imposed by the country’s government for the betterment of society. The need for these guidelines is to ensure businesses are run safely in these current unpredictable times. 

Digitalise the process to ensure:

– Less human contact can be made going digital

– Increase productivity (Saving £££ in working hours)

– Continue to meet government guidelines but digitally

– Evaluate the audits to understand everything is going correct via UrAudits Dashboard

– No more wasting paper and storage space.

Distribute Checklists To Your Employees

The guidelines regarding public health as well as the re-opening of businesses are varying on the daily basis. Having the resource of digital checklists within businesses help in several ways such as, increase productivity or clearer transparency on what is happening within the business with Live-data feed captured. 

In the first global lockdown, the announcements were a shock to close businesses leaving many businesses in great difficulty or tremendous loss. For example, the tourism sector was hit to the core as the borders were closed, no travel across countries, and when they did open – All hotels from country to the country required to instantly find a way to meet new government guidelines. 

Now with the facility of the digital checklist, businesses can arrange to upload all government guidelines checklists within their UrAudits account so employees are up to date with guidelines in line with the government when they log in. 

Create A Real-Time Monitoring System And Safety Values

This not only maintains professionalism but also guarantees safety values as well. A real-time monitoring system will also highlight issues or obstacles that require immediate attention. Many companies use this technique and are very satisfied with the end results achieved. 

Many client’s feedback has been using UrAudits allows me to be ahead of the game instead of reacting to as and when a situation occurs or gets worse.

UrAudits Dashboard – Complete Transparency and Audit Trail

When conducting audits, data is being captured with every answer you give. This information is recorded and available in the UrAudits dashboard giving you visibility of your business from a high-level overview down to the nitty-gritty. 

This will give you insights into patterns, trends, and anomalies allowing you to make informed business decisions based on facts and figures instead of assumptions. 

Like this, you can start comparing or understanding why one site does better than the other one by evaluating the statistics and replicate the good model across your business.


Data Intelligence  

Establish whats Right & Wrong 



=  Positive Result

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