Use the Inspection App for Real Time Capture During Auditing

Real-Time Capture Incidents With UrAudits

UrAudits is a real time capture audit app that allows you to capture digital evidence. Take picture, video as photographic evidence and attach on your checklist.

Let your device be the Eyes & Ears to record Evidence & Capture Incidents

UrAudits is an inspection app that lets you capture incidents in your surroundings. Our advanced app collects pictorial and visual evidence to highlight incidents and share it instantly with authority. It features an alarm for non-compliant action. Companies should avoid harmful incidents by increasing safety measures and high morale, which a thorough audit plan can only achieve.
The audit app lets businesses report incidents to show clear proof of physical injuries or incidents with the pictures and claim better compensation.
Our unique app lets employees plan and report incidents with a customised checklist. It increases the safety culture and fosters an environment where everyone is part of the auditing team.
All the data collected is stored in a centralised database that the authority can readily access with granted permissions anytime.

  • Enable your employees to own their tasks and utilize incidents reporting checklist app to report any recent incidents. This will not only improve your safety culture but also foster an environment where everyone is part of the team.
  • Allow your employees to use the audit real time capture incident app to collect photos and videos for a fool proof evidence. Share it with your team and analyse ensure it future occurrence.

All the data is stored in a centralised database where you and other users with granted permissions can readily access it anytime.

Capture Incidents

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Take Care of Incidents In Real-Time

With UrAudits, All you need is smart device to launch UrAudits & take photos to record incidents in real time. Annotate photos to show specific areas or places. Use UrAudits report incidents inspection app to make an immediate on the spot decision.

Capture Incidents
Incident Time / Location

Note the time and exact location of the incident.

Capture Incidents
Incident Activity

Record the precursor activity that resulted in the incident.

Capture Incidents
Injury Types/Description

Find out the type of injury incurred and its details

Capture Incidents
Treatment Details

Document the treatment advised.

Capture Incidents
Contributing Factors

Find out the factors that led to the incident.

Capture Incidents

Take instant photos for evidence and make sure no information is missed or lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to use incidents, do I need to pay more?

No. You don’t need to pay to use incidents. You can log, track, and analyse all the incidents that you want without paying anything.

Can I share incidents with a specific group of people?

Find out how to assign permission to users and then add them to your incident whenever you want.

If someone doesn’t have UrAudits, can I still share the incident with them?

Although you can share the incident with outside entities, but they can currently only view it. They cannot make any changes to it or edit it in any manner. The safety of your information is paramount to us and we are working on a solution that will allow outsiders to collaborate with you without your information getting into the wrong hands.

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