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Manage Your Teams Successfully

Enable your team to become your eyes and ears and manage them on the go with live reporting. Use your user-friendly dashboard to communicate and collaborate with them.

Work Together and Achieve More In Less Time

Add your teammates and colleagues to your tasks and make sure that it gets accomplished successfully and in time. Do more work in less time. Monitor the activity of all your teammates and communicate with them in real-time. share news and reports among your teams to keep them up to date. Track the timeline and make sure that everything is being done according to the plan.

Manage Team
Manage Team

Control Access To The Tasks

With UrAudits easy permissions you can add and remove any teammate that you want to any action. Monitor the teammates activities and what they are sharing on the timeline. Set the time for each action to be completed and communicate all the information to everyone involved.

Maintain Security To Increase Peace of Mind

The one thing you do not want is your information getting into the wrong hands. With UrAudits, your information is safe and secure. You decide who gets to see what and when. Create your own hierarchy and only involve people who are related to the issue.

Only deliver the inspection reports to the concerned people. You won’t have to worry about stolen or leaked data with UrAudits. Keep your confidential information secure and get peace of mind.

Manage Team

No Cost Implementation-Stay Safe for Free

Our objectivity is to maximize the protection with prevention. Sign-up to the app with no charges applied throughout. Get in Touch with us to make your choices better.