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Play safe by keeping your surroundings neat and clean

The most common issues at the workplace result from a messy or bad environment where cleaning is not emphasised. It often leads to employees falling sick or hurting themselves, leading to sprains and cuts. It becomes vital for your business to take preventive actions by conducting cleaning audits. Want to increase your productivity? Invest in a good cleaning audit checklist application to keep everything clean, organized and sanitized.

Proven Impact of Hygiene with cleaning inspection checklist app

Your company goes through a lot alone; why not let us make things easier for you? We believe hygiene plays a crucial role in business performance, ensuring a safe workplace for employees to work. With cleaning inspection template and checklist auditing information in one place, you can focus on the areas or departments that need more attention. The broken windows, smelly garbage cans, slippery floors, dusty chairs and others decrease employee morale. You can increase your profits by offering them a pleasant place to work.

Organise Daily to Monthly Cleaning Schedules

Our cleaning inspections checklists lets you customize the calendar, letting you list down and arrange tasks. Depending on the frequency, you can prioritise cleaning procedures daily, weekly or monthly.

Decreased Cost, Increased turnover

Your working conditions might be a great hindrance to your success. Why not let us handle that for you with our advanced sanitation and purification cleaning inspection solution? From mending broken things to cleaning doors and renovating different office areas, we empower employees to take care of our place. Give them a home-like feel at the workplace.

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Improve Work Quality

Our cleaning schedule templates conduct quality disinfection and purification inspections to complete tasks smoothly, protecting the business from liabilities for rising issues.

Digitize Elements

UrAudits stores data and uses it on time to give job appointments and schedule tasks to staff for cleaning the workplace or site. It keeps a record of workers available before assigning them the task.

Seamlessly communicate with your team.

The simple and automated structure lets every industry conduct inspections and audits for a wholesome working environment to boost performance and get tasks completed on time.

An Affordable Cleaning Audit tool For Instant Actions

Easy template creation, perform schedules and inspections, timely assign actions, instant reporting, real-time analytics and automated task distribution, are a new-age digital solution for cleaning services. Generate quick reports and take proactive action against an unhygienic working place.

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Cleaning Services Checklist Application

We offer an advanced examination of every industry’s internal and external areas, ranging from floors, windows, desks, machinery, and stock to other inputs.

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For us, cleaning is not just a service but a mindset that changes the working conditions of your organisations, making global brands blindly trust us for a reason now.