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Auditing your vehicles, inventory, and storage space was never this easy. Use UrAudits Digital vehicle audit app to conduct multiple audits with ease and elegance. Do more in less time.

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Being one of the biggest used car dealerships in the UK, we conduct digital vehicle inspection app constantly such as: health & safety, mechanical reports and many more. Our turnaround from purchasing a car to getting it on to the car forecourt is 24-48x hours so productivity is key.
Previously CarFirm just used pen & paper, & taking photos on vehicle checklist mobile application as we were going along and then manually preparing reports in the office. This is for all cars being delivered & when selling on to the customers. Stocking around 150+ cars at once is not easy – taking up a lot of resources & time.
What I really loved was UrAudits allowed us to move away from pen & paper, taking photos and reports. We complete a digital automotive inspection via the phone app and the report gets sent directly to the client or head office.
From previously taking 30 minutes to 1 hour to conduct an audit, we now take 10 – 15 minutes on average.
Also with covid-19, we required to be HSE Inspected however, with conducting these Inspections internally using UrAudits – we walked through the HSE Inspections.

Ensure Highest Standards of Quality and Safety

Customers only do business with brands they trust. Gain their trust in your business by providing them high quality & unforgettable experience. UrAudits is a leading vehicle checklist app. We enable you to maintain the highest standards in the industry and achieve quality and safety.

Check for Hygiene and Cleanliness

Make sure that your facilities are completely clean and safe. Conduct multiple audits with a digital vehicle checklist app and identify issues by collecting and attaching real time evidence to your reports.

Ensure Safety Protocols Are Maintained

Make sure that the highest safety standards are met and complied with. Identify hazardous situations, safety protocols, and more. Ensure everyone’s safety.

Make Sure Safety Equipment Is In Place

You can easily increase productivity and efficacy by our vehicle inspection checklist. We ensure that all personnel are wearing proper protection gear and first aid kits are available, accessible, and are easily displayed.


Turn to vehicle inspection application and execute digital examination.

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Ensure Proper Vehicle Positioning and Storage

We all know that vehicles have to be positioned on jacks and lifts. Make sure that they are properly positioned and wheel chocks are placed on either side of the tyres to avoid any inconvenience or safety hazard.

Better Equipment for Better Service

Automotive business relies on its equipment, With UrAudits vehicle audit mobile application, you can ensure that your tools and equipment are properly serviced. All tools are free of any defects or damage. All electric motors are oiled, cleaned, and completely dust-free.

Flammable Materials Are Kept Safe

Identify and audit the storage and safety of flammable and combustible materials. Make sure that they are kept in a cold, safe place. Also ensure that only authorised people have access to them. Conduct proper vehicle audit checklists and capture pictures of the storage to make sure that there’s no leakage.

Improved choices, Automate Success

A vast portion is engaged by the automobile industries. Continuous quality maintenance is assured to meet the innovative requirements

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Digital Automotive / Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Take advantage of the digital automotive audit offered by UrAudits. Use or customise them based on your own needs. You can also share with us your checklists and we will adjust it for you.


Vehicle Inspection Checklist


Multi-point Vehicle Checklist


Heavy Equipment Inspection


Vehicle Accident Report


Weekly Vehicle Inspection


Trust Inspection Checklist

Step into the future and conduct your digital automotive inspection to grow your business exponentially