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With our technologically advanced, digital audit solution, you need not worry about your paper expense, time, or energy. Conduct superior audits from anywhere you want.

Digitally Enhanced Solutions For Your Audit Problems

Inspect multiple sites and collect evidence with your mobile

Create Digital Checklists According To Your Needs

Auditing has never been this easy. Create your checklists or upload previous ones to conduct audits. Customise your checklists according to your needs and gain valuable insights. Analyse your audits and empower your business to grow and scale.


Create Own Checklists

With UrAudits, you can create customised checklists based on your needs. Create multiple checklists for multiple locations.


Copy Existing Checklists

Bring your previous checklists to UrAudits and upload them or let us do it for you. Carry on with if you see fit.


Apply Filters

Add various filters to adjust the questions and the answers that you want. Create forms and fields accordingly.


Schedule Inspections And Add Inspectors

One of the most effective features of UrAudits is that you can schedule inspections in the future easily. Add inspectors to it and they will get automatically notified of the task. Manage multiple locations at the same time with ease. You can do all of this and more without even leaving your office. Mange the entire operation through your web app or mobile app.

Collect Evidence And Annotate For Effective Use

Another feature that our customers really like is that they can add evidence to their checklists any time they want. Add pictures of incidents as well as audio and videos. You can even annotate the pictures and highlight the areas that need attention. Your evidence will be automatically geo-tagged so you won’t get confused with multiple locations. Sign the evidence and share it with relevant authorities.


Gain Power Through Valuable Information

With UrAudits, you get to see in-depth and highly detailed reports about all your audits and inspections. Gain valuable insights into your audits and create immediate actions to improve your operations. Generate reports in various formats and share with authorised personnel. Export your reports in various formats. Check individual reports or get a bird’s eye view and identify trends, strengths, and weaknesses.


Customise Your Forms

Add any type of fields to your forms. Display fields only if previous questions have been answered. Attach photographic, audio, and video evidence effectively.


Automate Task Management

Schedule and automate your tasks easily from your user-friendly dashboard. Get notifications about upcoming tasks and completed tasks and manage them productively.


Leverage Custom Workflow

Create your own custom workflow and assign tasks to various employees. Get updates about your workflow including the progress of the task and the assignee.


Generate Immediate Actions

Get real-time reports and immediately assign actions to concerned personnel. Add inspectors and other employees to your tasks easily and get notified when completed.

No Cost Implementation-Stay Safe for Free

Our objectivity is to maximize the protection with prevention. Sign-up to the app with no charges applied throughout. Get in Touch with us to make your choices better.