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Health and Safety Audit App

Ensure your employees’ and customers’ safety with UrAudits Health and Safety audit app. Enhance your business quality, efficiency and reliability.

Health & Safety

Increase Safety Standards with Mobile Inspections

Safety is the number one concern for any business. That is how you increase your employees’ motivation and your customers’ trust. With UrAudits Health safety audit checklist by your side, you can ensure complete safety of your people with regular and instant audits.

Schedule and Conduct Audits from Your Mobile

Stop using the traditional methods of auditing and step into the future with mobile health safety audit application. All you need is a smart device and you can schedule and conduct amazing inspections in less time.

Use Our Templates Library or Build your Own

We have created a library of templates approved by professionals. Use one of ours or easily create your own checklist to conduct exhaustive and comprehensive audits in no time. Send your checklists to us and we will upload them for you.

Never Lose Any Evidence Again

Collect evidence through photos and video and attach them to the health safety inspection checklist to include them to the cloud storage. Never lose any important data ever again. Annotate your photos to bring issues to everyone’s attention.

Health & Safety

Conduct Health and Safety Inspection using iOS, Android, or Web Apps

Conduct multiple audits at different sites simultaneously and analyze the patterns to gain insights into your business. Sign-up for UrAudits now without any charges applied and get started.

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Health & Safety
Health & Safety

Track Multiple Sites At Once

With health safety audits App conduct multiple Inspections at multiple sites at the same time easily and save your precious time. Give your employees the power to inspect and get all the results without leaving your seat.

Conduct Superior Analysis

You have all the reports from multiple sites in the palm of your hand. Just open your health and safety audit app and the dashboard will compare and analyse multiple reports to get results and identify trends.

Create Customised Reports

Generating reports in multiple formats is not an issue anymore. Create health and safety checklists reports in PDFs, DOCXs, and more formats and easily share with colleagues, managers, shareholders, and more.

No Cost Implementation-Stay Safe for Free

Our objectivity is to maximize the protection with prevention. Sign-up to the app with no charges applied. Get in Touch with us to make your choices better.

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Health and Safety Checklists

Inspect quality, compliance, safety, and more with our pre-built checklists. Want to upload your own checklist? You can do that too. Or you can send us your checklist and we will upload it for you.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety Audit Form

Health & Safety

Safety Standard Inspection Checklist

Health & Safety

Fire Safety Checklist

Health & Safety

Daily Safety Inspection Checklist

Health & Safety

First Aid Box Inspection Checklist

Health & Safety

Safety Representative Inspection Template

Conduct Superb and High Quality Inspections To Ensure a Safer and Better Environment