Privacy Policy

Your Data is secure with us

When it comes to the users’ privacy, UrAudits takes it with great concern. 

  • Any information or piece of data utilized during the audit/inspection process via our platform is safe and kept confidential to secure the user from any sort of malware, spams, or fraudulent activities. 
  • The ultimate rights to the data are reserved exclusively for the user and are strictly governed under our Terms of Use  

Why do we collect this information?

The primary purpose of collecting user data is to register with us to open an “Account” and to enhance the user experience from good to the best. While communicating with us, a user may share e-mail address and other personal details. That information is utilized by UrAudits for the sole purpose of analysis and then improvising the user experience according to the user’s preferences. 

  • Further, this data collection is utilized in maintaining a log of users visiting the website. User’s information also assists us in presenting the most suitable and relevant services to the user. This is important to maintain at all times to ensure improved service criteria. 
  • The collected information is also analysed to view the site’s traffic, visiting frequency, transaction types, and the browser/OS information.

We unhand user data

Once a user decides NOT to continue our services, we instantly relinquish the data collected by us and do not store it for any other uses. However, 

  • Due to some server related technical processes, the data may be retained as a residual or backup for a short duration (in case if the user returns).
  • After giving enough time to the user, that data then is released from the database and servers of UrAudits.  

Disclosure of Data

The data collected by UrAudits is strictly secured from any sort of further data sales or leakage to the advertisement agencies. 

  • However, the data may be shared with trusted agencies that are mandatory to keep the operations of our website and inspection services smooth. 
  • The data may also be shared outside the UrAudits premises as in servers or hosting services providers. 

Policy Updates

There will be no implicit changes or updates in the UrAudits’ policy in any form. 

  • In case of any minor changes or necessary adjustments to the policy, UrAudits will; on a priority basis; notify the user via the email address primarily provided.
  • Under any circumstances, UrAudits does not intend to minimize the user’s rights or any of the offered services, unless the user demands any reductions in the services or offers.