Retail Business Inspection App – Retail Business Audit App

Retail Business Inspection App

UrAudits is the One App to help your sales grow and increase the quality of your business easily and effectively. Do all this and more in the most cost effective manner.

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Monitor Daily Retail Operations

With competition increasing day by day and customers demanding personalisation , you have to make sure that you always deliver the best service and the best products in order to increase brand loyalty. Partner with UrAudits to ensure that your operations are streamlined.

Provide Quality Service

When customers come to your store, they want the best service available. Make sure that they get it through regular and extensive inspections that take less time and give better results.

Manage Your Inventory

The one thing that can reduce sales and customer confidence is overselling/underselling. Make sure that it doesn’t happen to you by keeping strict tabs on your inventory.

Maintain Brand Standards

Specifying strict standards for your brand is not hard. What’s difficult is maintaining those strict standards throughout the year. UrAudits helps you accomplish that with ease.


Retain the Worth to Retail

Let the businesses make to end at the verge where the marts, super marts and other retailing businesses are generating best possible outcome.

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Service With A Smile

Make sure that your staff is trained and ready for service and are always at their best behaviour. Conduct surprise audits to ensure staff compliance.

Stock and Restock

Nobody likes a shelf that is out of stock. With regular audits and inspections you can identify the movement in stock and restock the shelves for the customers.

Seasonal Changes

Handle the seasonal changes like a pro and never go out of stock. Whether its Black Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, regular audits will tell you what you need.

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Retail Business Checklists

We have numerous retail business checklists for you to consider and implement. If you want to use your own checklists, you can upload them or send them to us. We will upload them for you.


Area Manager Checklist


Retail Store Checklist


Incoming Goods Inspection Checklist


In-Store Customer Satisfaction Checklist


Retail Health & Safety Audit Checklist


Retail Store Manager’s Handover Checklist

Manage Day to Day Operations, Manage Inventory, and Satisfy Your Customers Beyond Their Expectations