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Data Security And Privacy

Data is the critical foundation for any organisation. Protecting your data and making sure that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands is our topmost priority.

We Give You Peace of Mind

Not only do we enable you to audit and inspect your workplaces and more with ease, we also help you do it in a way that you get peace of mind. We know that you have important and confidential data that you want to protect. We take your data protection and privacy very seriously. That is why we have implemented some of the strictest data protection policies. We make sure that your data is safe and secure in your hands. We follow the latest trends in data security and conduct regular audits to make sure that UrAudits is the safest app for you.

Data Security & Privacy

Data Availability

We make sure that your data is always available to you and the people you see fit and no one else.

Data Security & Privacy

Application Security

Our mobile and web apps have the latest security features and you can use them easily without a doubt.

Data Security & Privacy

Internal Security

We continuously test our apps to make sure that there are no flaws and malicious software and people cannot get through.

Data Security & Privacy

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Data Security & Privacy

We Implement Latest Security Protocols

When you partner with UrAudits, you get nothing but the best, whether we talk about ease of use, faster operations, or security. We have implemented some of the strictest policies in order to give you peace of mind and keep your data safe. Here’s what you can expect when you connect with us:

Data Security & Privacy

Private and Secure Infrastructure

We have partnered with the best app development firm to make sure that our app has the latest and most secure infrastructure.

Data Security & Privacy

Custom Access Levels and Permissions

We give you full control over who sees your data and information and who doesn’t. Easily grant permission or revoke permission whenever you want.

Data Security & Privacy

Full Administrative Control

You are the sole controller of all your data. Access it from anywhere you want and share it with anyone you want.

Go Paperless

Let go of the traditional paper/pen model and go digital to save money, effort, and time.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR was enforced in 2018 and ever since then it has become critical for any brand doing business in EU (European Union) as well as EEA (European Economic Area).

To facilitate our customers throughout the EU, we have made sure that we show compliance to GDPR. We have done that by implementing various processes and taking steps to ensure that the UrAudits app and all the systems related to it are fully compliant to GDPR.

Data Security & Privacy

Frequently Asked Questions

How does UrAudits keep my data secure?

At UrAudits, we take you and your data very seriously. We know how crucial data protection is for you and we implement the latest security features to ensure that your data never gets into the wrong hands. Whatever data you share through our App is end-to-end encrypted. Also, we have various other security features in place to provide additional layers of protection.

Does UrAudits sign data processing agreements?

Yes we do. We know the importance of your data and we have worked with customers before with whom we have signed data processing agreements.

How is my data protected on iOS and Android devices?

We provide you with a passcode that you can use to access your data. Without the passcode your mobile device will not be able to login to the app. This works on both iOS and Android.

How is my data protected in the cloud?

We provide end-to-end encryption for all data processed. We are using the AES-256 cipher throughout our cloud storage system. Not only is your data secure in the cloud, it is also safe during transit between the cloud and your device.

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Our objectivity is to maximize the protection with prevention. Sign-up to the app with no charges applied throughout. Get in Touch with us to make your choices better.