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Nursery Inspection App

Let the parents be worry-free when you have their children in your day care centre. To ensure the maximum effectiveness in this highly sensitive job, you need routine nursery inspections and UrAudits makes it super easy for you.


Child Care Inspection App is right choice to provide undivided attention to those little angels

With UrAudits nursery inspection application, you can keep a safe track of what child needs, under your supervision through custom nursery inspection checklists. Your attention can be confined to them by eradicating the most time-consuming process – Audits. Manage all the audits and inspections smartly and let your undivided attention be focused on those little hearts.

Smoothen your operations

Nurseries can be really chaotic at times, and that is when your operations get disrupted. But no need to worry anymore because UrAudits can keep your operations smooth while you can take care of the children.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduling the tasks and activities for children is now on your fingertips with this amazing nursery inspection app. It’s as simple as you plan your daily task.

Save your time and resources

Time and resources are both crucial for a nursery, make sure you don’t spend them on the mundane processes. UrAudits nursery auditing app saves your essential resources by eliminating the paperwork and makes things much quicker for you.


No child should ever be mishandled

Keep an eye on how things are managed carefully by having error-free and quick nursery audits

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Manage the training schedules for your staff

When it’s time for your staff’s training, this automated nursery audit application can alert you well in advance and the nursery closure can be properly managed. Stay ahead of your schedule and plan strategically with UrAudits app.

Easy Access

Many times you need the data at a place where you did not contemplate beforehand, in such cases, you can have the access to your nursery audit checklists portal immediately and save yourself from all the hustle.

Instant Reporting

With children around, you need to be extra vigilant. Any issues regarding children need immediate action and when you can have the nursery inspection checklists reports online, it becomes much faster and easier to manage.

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Every nursery needs an internal audit system. Make your audit smart with our Nurseries Inspection App

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