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Healthcare Inspection App

Manage and provide top quality service by doing regular and exhaustive audits in 1/3rd of the time. Save your time, energy, and money as well as your patients’.

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As a healthcare provider, you know how important it is to ensure that everything from the equipment to the data and the staff have to be perfect. How can you ensure continuous perfection? By partnering with UrAudits, and making inspections less of a burden on yourself. Conduct thorough and detailed audits and create immediate actions to ensure the highest quality AT ALL TIMES.

  • Make sure that the patients history is being taken, medications are easily accessible, and that they are taking their medications on time—every time.
  • Ensure that the facilities are being cleaned regularly, thoroughly, and that there is no chance of contamination, bacteria, or viruses for your patients.
  • Ensure that all your electronic equipment is working properly and that it is being serviced regularly.
  • Ensure that your staff is trained for all types of emergencies and that they have access to the required resources.
  • Keep track of your storage units and make sure that you have enough HAM (High Alert Medications) as well as others as per demand. Make sure that they are being stored properly.
  • Ensure that medicines are not past their expiry dates and if they are, they are being disposed off properly without any contamination or damage.

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Our sole objective is to ensure that you meet all the bespoke requirements and avail all the benefits by using UrAudits application for free. The Healthcare industry must be dealt with extra attention to detail.

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Efficient Mobile Inspections

Carry your checklist with you wherever you go. Amend it as per your requirements. Compare and analyse with reports from other sites or previous reports.


Instant Reports and Dashboard

Get real-time reports of all your inspections anywhere right on your dashboard. Compare reports or analyse scores to identify and eradicate problems


Issue Identification and Tracking

Identify issues right away and immediately assign a task to concerned persons. Track multiple tasks and completion from your dashboard.


Take Care of Safety Protocols Onsite

One of the most important things in a construction business is the safety procedures onsite. Make sure that all your workers are following the proper compliance codes. Maintain worker safety, environment safety, and neighbourhood safety easily with UrAudits’ Digital Inspections.

Compare Reports and Find Out the Difference

How has your company improved since last year? Or last month? What is the difference between two work sites? Find out the answers to these and more with UrAudits. Your dashboard contains your entire audit history. Grow and enhance your business.

Create and Share Custom Reports

Did you know that you can generate reports in multiple formats? Get PDFs, or DOC files and share them with the people above. Make sure that you only share them with authorised personnel and keep your information safe. Export reports in multiple formats.

Healthcare Inspections Checklists

You can use one or more of the various checklists that we have built for you or you can use your own checklist based on your unique needs and requirements. Send us your previous checklists and we will integrate it for You.


World Health Organisation Surgical Safety Checklist


COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template


COVID-19: Screening Checklist for Visitors and Employees


COVID-19 Checklist for Individuals and Families (CDC)


Resuscitation Trolley


HSE System Verification

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