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What are Transport and Logistics

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What is Transport and Logistics?

Transportation is the movement of goods whilst logistics is the management of the inward and outward transportation of goods from the manufacturer to the end-user. The transportation and logistics sector is an important industry in the economy that deals with the movement of people and products. These include companies such as airlines, trucking, railroads, shipping, logistics firms and many many more. Whilst logistics is a process from storing to >transporting goods, it comes with a complicated process when delivering from “A” to “B”. UrAudits can assist this operation, start to finish, ensuring everything is audited and documented throughout the process of planning and execution of the delivery.

Transport and Logistics
Transport and Logistics

What is the importance of transport and logistics?

Transport is vital as it enables communication, trade and other forms of exchange between people. Transport plays an important part in economic growth and globalisation.

In business terms, this is an essential supply chain that helps increase the sales and profits of businesses that deal with the production, shipment, warehousing and delivery of products. Moreover, a reliable logistics service can boost a business' value and help in maintaining a positive public perception.

Using UrAudits dashboard quickly highlights what is going well and not so well, saving you time in contrast to you analysing trends yourself. Get the full story in real-time, tracking issues, follow up actions, notice trends, patterns to make calculative decisions to improve the food standards and service levels. We help manufactures, suppliers and service firms instantly providing digitalised documented evidence for certified audits rather than using the pen and paper method which could cause the following barriers:

  • Takes hours or days to gather intelligence on the business
  • Conducting inspections via pen and paper, taking photos and then going back to the office to create a report which is time-consuming
  • Not completing actionable tasks allocated by the auditor
  • Less productivity and increased admin
  • Potential storage issues with paperwork

Mitigate the risks in the transport and logistics industry

UrAudits transport and logistics app can put in place safety measures for your operations to allow productivity, better efficiency, mitigate risks by automating what was historically a pen and paper manual task.

  • Automate the reporting systems so once an inspection is complete, it can be forwarded to that individual’s inbox. No waiting, no delays, just pure simple automation for your ease of use.
  • Schedule, monitor your fleet inspection and maintain all this via your UrAudits app or webpage.
  • Seize the moment by taking photo/video evidence along with your notes documenting the situation and assign a task to the correct person to fix the issue (on the spot)
  • Generate reports to show and share with your team and management with a click of your button.
  • For board level, senior level, you can have a high-level overview of the business with UrAudits dashboard.
  • Keep your information safe and secure all in one place. With unlimited storage with UrAudits “Enterprise Account”.

UrAudits has put together a carefully collected transport and logistics checklists to manage your fleet or over company procedures. Please browse through, it’s a free public library to help you daily pre-trip vehicle inspections, creating incident reports, driver assessments, preparing for DOT inspections, and for checking the safety of warehouses.

Transport and Logistics

Task Assignee

Have you seen whilst doing an inspection that something is a hazard or does not meet company standards?
Have you had a scenario like this before?

Example of Inspection scenario in the past


“Phil, can you ensure you can put air in the tyre”


Course, I will get it done.


End of the day - the task was not completed. So the next day, the vehicle is on the road and the tyre has gone flat.


The customer did not receive their delivery. Who’s fault is this? Why did no one check this?


Phil, I gave him the task to put air in the tyre by the end of the day. He said that he will do it.


No, you didn’t. I never received any information or email saying to do this.

Now the finger-pointing game.

With UrAudits, tasks is given to assignee’s on the spot whilst doing your inspection, so it’s documented and recorded using UrAudits “Action Plan / Task Assignee.” This will go to the assignee’s email inbox, notifying them of a delegated task to follow up on.

All available to see on the dashboard (with administrative access).

Transport and Logistics
Transport and Logistics

Is it required to oversee these issues?

Fuel Costs

One of the biggest costs associated with the transport and logistics industry is fuel. One of few methods to keep costs down is to ensure your fleet is kept up to standard. Doing your diligence by using UrAudits checklists and checking the fleet before leaving for there jobs.

Business Process Improvement

Being part of the “Business Process Improvement” you require to think out of the box to find ways to reduce costs for the company along with increasing productivity.

One of your UrAudits most popular comments we hear from the customers:

‘We use excel forms, giving basic results with tasks being allocated but no real follow up resulting in jobs not being completed or follow-ups. From inspections being done daily, weekly or monthly, following them up is a monumental task and heavy paperwork exercise.’

‘Improve the process and increase productivity within your business with a simply Transport and Logistics app.’

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All this is done from the comfort of your mobile phone or tablet device. So no more and paper as that is a thing of the past. Let’s forget about the days using pen and paper forms and excel checklists.

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Become a paperless organisation

At UrAudits we can help your organisation or service become paperless and provide a digital platform for your risk assessments.

Transport and Logistics

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    Option 3 Create your own checklist

  • Use the template builder to create your own customer inspection template
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    Transport and Logistics

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    Transport and Logistics

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    Transport and Logistics

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    Transport and Logistics

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    Transport and Logistics

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