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Why Should Businesses Use A Transportation Logistics App?

UrAudits is our answer to a hassle-free inspection and audit app solution enabling 100% compliance and visibility for an efficient fleet. Our easily embedded inspections optimize productivity by offering online and offline remote examinations. We are a challenge-driven service that automated workflows with a powerful UI/IX designer app, configuring the platform to meet all your vehicle safety requirements. High-quality transport, smarter drivers, smoother operations, active transport and advanced process, identify the weak areas and prevents unexpected breakdowns with the Agile UrAudits app. Our services extend to airlines, trucks, shipping, railways, logistics or warehouse firms. From offering safe movement of goods to the in-out management of goods till they reach the consumer. The transport application inspects and audits every area of your organization. It collects data, processes it and sends reports to take action against the identified risks.

Transport and Logistics
Transport and Logistics

Remote, Mobile-Enabled Auditing At Your Finger Tips

We strive to improve your supply chain to increase profits through production, shipment, warehousing and delivery. Reliable logistics application service boosts business value while maintaining a good public image with unique solutions.

Take risk-aware business decisions with our easy-to-use auditing and inspecting app. Our web-based tool provides central management enabling businesses to keep a thorough check and balance on the vehicles for delivery and the warehouses. Now design, build and connect all the business's processes to optimize productivity.

UrAudits offers compliance and enterprise risk management. The personalized transportation dashboards represent all the data, analyzing and showing the recent trends. Our experts leverage your business with tracking, follow-up actions, new patterns, audit templates, a library of historical data, central matrices, digital documentation, robust reporting and automated notifications. Make informed decisions after planning, scheduling and reporting.

  • Template builder with complete control and tamper-proof evidence.
  • Automates mobile app for online and offline data and evidence.
  • Develop agility and collaboration across departments to allocate resources and increase efficiency.
  • 100% visibility and compliance with the cloud-based app.
  • Deliver instant reports with risk scoring, control matrices and summaries to take action.

Your Smarter Logistics Transport and Warehouse Auditing System

UrAudits transport and logistics app improves scoring and provides insight with graphical representations that aggregate data for the complete insight picture of your business.

  • Create customized templates to inspect the logistics transport services online or offline and generate professional reports with a single click.
  • Resolve issues on the spot to prevent them from becoming big problems. Detect and identify the matter related to delivering vehicles.
  • The automated reporting system forwards the inspection to the company’s or individual’s inbox once it is completed. The user-friendly app doesn’t support waiting or delays.
  • Create, schedule, audit/inspect, monitor and maintain fleet examination through digital gadgets.
  • Take pictures and videos as evidence to document the entire situation and assign the task to the concerned department.
  • Get used to secure cloud storage for backing up data with transparent security techniques and strategies.

The simple process streamlines the budget to offer award-winning safety measures that increase productivity and lead to more efficiency. We aim to mitigate your future driving risks, automating entire functions, and generating checklists to manage the fleet. Improve the daily pre-trip vehicle inspections by creating incident reports and driver assessments, capturing and recording information, documenting witness statements and checking warehouses for safety compliance and quality transport.

Transport and Logistics

Are You Ready to Scale Your Business?

Improve productivity and performance by making the auditing and inspection process quicker and easier to manage. Explore advanced features and functions to eradicate the chances of unexpected hazards.

How Can We Help Your Transportation and Logistics Company?

Effective Management

Maintain the audit elements like entities and basic libraries of risks while defining the complicated structure. Build stronger relationships between data elements and regularly update the audit universe and libraries to respond effectively to business operations and systems changes.

Time Management

We leverage heavy vehicles, resource schedulers and management tools to check stock availability, assign tasks to staff and resolve conflicts to avoid time management issues. Use UrAudits advanced tracking capabilities to decrease the delivery time. Use graphs, charts, reports and templates to create, schedule and conduct logistics auditing on time.

Real-time Reporting

Create a customized checklist app and generate instant audit reports while tracking the process, reviewing and approving the workflows in a systematic format. Get an insight into your vehicle delivery data, history and analysis with intuitive dashboards and status tracking results.


The customer did not receive their delivery. Who’s fault is this? Why did no one check this?


Phil, I gave him the task to put air in the tyre by the end of the day. He said that he will do it.


No, you didn’t. I never received any information or email saying to do this.

Now the finger-pointing game.

With UrAudits, tasks is given to assignee’s on the spot whilst doing your inspection, so it’s documented and recorded using UrAudits “Action Plan / Task Assignee.” This will go to the assignee’s email inbox, notifying them of a delegated task to follow up on.

All available to see on the dashboard (with administrative access).

Transport and Logistics
Transport and Logistics

Resolve Real-Time Organizational Issues More Effectively

Decreased Fuel Cost

Say no to paper audits and opt for pocket-friendly auditing solutions. Empower your workers to regularly audit, document and assign tasks in real-time for identified transport logistics templates. Identify transport issues and natural hazards beforehand to decrease the impact of losses. These lead to shorter routes to your destination, reducing fuel costs. Hence, check the fleet before setting them on their routes to ensure the standard.

Increased Sustainability

Your vehicle emits dangerous gases like carbon in excess, which negatively impact the environment leading to air pollution. The government has set some laws and regulations that you ought to comply with.

We help release the pressure by integrating environment-friendly and sustainable practices by conducting safety audits that identify the problem areas. It leads to proactive action against emerging issues, offers route and load optimization, upgrades the engines, chooses alternative fuels, or tracks and reports the emissions.

Most importantly, we help your business upgrade fleets with robust engines with better mileage and emission compliance, leading to complete visibility.

Drive Efficiency with UrAudits

Audit with comfort on your smartphones or tablets. Now resolve issues faster with a paperless solution. Let’s deliver products, services and experiences quickly with digital trucking logistics inspection checklist.

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Become paperless auditing and inspecting organization with a digital solution for your future transportation logistics service.

Transport and Logistics

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