Advanced Audit Dashboard for Home Care Auditing in the UK

Audit Dashboard

Your audit dashboard is your power house. It is user-friendly and comprehensive dashboard data audit app enabling you to check all progress and reports from a single platform.

Create, Track, and Monitor Audits

UrAudits enables you to access, monitor, and control all your information form a single platform. With our internal inspection dashboard application, Become the master of audit and keep an eye on everything transaction.


Greater Mobility

Scope and plan your audit app from anywhere you want and then conduct the audit in the field easily.


Bird’s Eye View

UrAudits has the most comprehensive yet user-friendly dashboard data inspection app that allows you to track everything, everywhere and every time.


You Don’t Need To Be A Techie To Operate Your Dashboard

A lot of businesses from various industries use UrAudits inspection audit dashboard application to make their places safer and better for their employees and customers alike. That is why we have created the perfect internal audit dashboard app for you. It is flexible enough for you to adjust it according to your needs and easy enough that you won’t need comprehensive training for it.

User-friendly Interface: Easy to use and change. You can adjust it according to your needs and use it any way you like.

Visual Context: View, monitor, and analyse reports, build and schedule templates, mark and annotate your evidence, and more.

Customisable: Use the default settings of the dashboard or change it. It is all up to you. You are the master of your audit.

Real-time Results: View all your audit and inspection data in real time. Analyse reports and create actions instantaneously.

Mobile-friendly interface:You don’t need to be sitting in your office to use the dashboard. You can easily do that with your mobile device..


Plan And Execute Audits Seamlessly

Gone are the days when you would have to call a meeting to plan and scope out your audits and inspections. Now you can do that with UrAudits track monitor audits app easily and without wasting any time.


Plan Your Audit

Start by choosing from our pre-designed templates or creating your own. Assign users and grant permissions. Record locations, times, purpose, and more. Attach additional parameters if you want.


Schedule and Start Auditing

Identify and include audit questions that you find are vital and track the answers. Add more levels of compliance. With our track monitor inspection app, you can scrutinise all your audit findings from a single place. Start actions immediately.

We Also Offer


Customised Templates

Use one of the hundreds of checklists available or create your own in minutes.


Draw Annotations

Highlight the important parts of every photo and write your comments.


Sync Between Devices

Sync multiple devices to save time. Conduct your audit with your mobile and view on desktop.


Custom Templates

Generate reports seamlessly in multiple formats. Create executive summaries.

No Cost Implementation-Stay Safe for Free

Our objectivity is to maximize the protection with prevention. Sign-up to the app with no charges applied throughout. Get in Touch with us to make your choices better.