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Construction Business Inspection App

Conduct your business effectively, timely, and, safely by administering quick and seamless construction audit app. Ensure employee and customer safety and high quality work.

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Safety Building Inspections and Audits Were Never This Easy

Tired of the paper trail and the countless hours spent on audits? As a construction inspection mobile application, you have to maintain the strictest standards and safety policies. It is our pleasure to inform you that all your audit and inspection woes are over. Conduct all types of audits with our building inspection app easily and manage the workload. No paper hassle. Just you and your mobile. Our UrAudits construction inspection software makes it a matter of minutes.

Conduct Paperless Construction Quality Inspection
Go Digital and stop lugging around papers and files.

Centralised Data
All data of building audit app in one single place.

Assign Tasks Automatically
See an issue? Immediately assign a task and schedule it.

Fast and Effective
Conduct better construction site audit in 1/3rd the time as a paper audit.

Collect Real-Time Evidence
Take photos, audio, and video evidence and attach to the construction audit checklist.

Create Simple Workflows
Bring in your team and create a smooth and streamlined workflow of construction auditing.

Go Digital With UrAudits And Conduct Construction Site Inspection Easily

Track audits, start actions, and receive real-time construction incident report

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Efficient Mobile Inspections

Carry your checklist with you wherever you go. Amend it as per your requirements. Compare and analyse with reports from other sites or previous reports.

Instant Reports & Dashboards

Get real-time reports of all your inspections anywhere right on your dashboard. Compare reports or analyse scores to identify and eradicate problems

Issue Tracking

Identify issues right away and immediately assign a task to concerned persons. Track multiple tasks and completion from your dashboard.

Take Care of Safety Protocols Onsite

One of the most important things in a construction business is the safety procedures onsite. Make sure that all your employees are maintaining the strictest standards. Maintain worker safety, environment safety, and neighbourhood safety easily with UrAudits construction business Inspection app.

Compare Reports and Find out the Difference

How has your company improved since last year? Or last month? What are the similarities and differences between two work sites? Find out the answers to these and more with UrAudits construction audit mobile app. Your dashboard contains your entire audit history. Grow and enhance your business.

Create and Share Custom Reports

Did you know that you can generate reports in various formats? Get PDFs, or DOC files and share them with the people above. Make sure that you only share them with authorised personnel and keep your information safe. Export reports in multiple formats.

Construction Inspection Checklists

Inspect quality control in construction and compliance with a safe site audit construction audit app. Want to upload your own checklist? You can do that too. Or you can send us your checklist and we will upload it for you.

Construction Quality Inspection

Incident Reporting Form

Covid-19 Measures Checklist

Construction Safety Standards Checklist

Property Inspection Checklist

Health And Safety Audit List

Work Safer, Work Faster, Work Smarter With UrAudits construction business audit app