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School Inspection App

The one place that can never go un-inspected is a school. Win the parents’ trust by getting your school the best audit option – UrAudits Mobile Application – Easy and Fast Inspections on the Go!

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Assure your Donors for transparent utilisation of the Funds.

To keep the education matters straight, you need those donations. With the help of the UrAudits inspection app, you can present a crystal clear accountability report of the funds’ utilisation and can acquire more donors for smooth operations.

Effective and Efficient performance

For the most effective and efficient performance of your School, what better way can be there other than a mobile inspection app? Whether you have your financial audit or performance inspection, it’s all very convenient with this awesome app.

Maintain high-quality teaching standards

You can now even check up on the teaching quality by getting our exclusively designed checklists for the teachers. Where your teachers can easily track the long-term and transitory goals for students.

Easy Curriculum Alignment

Teachers can now create their own curriculum checklists and with routine-checks, their curriculum will always stay aligned.


Learn more about this All-rounder app

Faculty meetings, Events, Annual results, Education standards, and much more can now be managed with the UrAudits all-rounder app.

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Collaborate across different campuses

With all your data on servers of the UrAudits application, you can access the checklists from anywhere. Within different campuses of your school, teachers and facilitators can collaborate with the comfort of a travel-free platform.

Minimize the wastage

Although various smart teaching methodologies are being implemented in different schools, still paper usage is the highest in schools. Make sure that no more paper is wasted in the auditing process by transforming all your inspections on UrAudits app.

Track productivity

It is crucial for a school to keep track of the faculty’s productivity and effectiveness. UrAudits makes this task much easier and faster. With custom checklists, you can administer the annual appraisals by tracking the performance of the teachers and other staff.

Never lose your Audit evidence

With UrAudits’ cloud availability, you are never going to misplace any important audit evidence.

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School Inspection Checklists

With UrAudits custom-built inspection checklists exclusively for the schools, Your work as a school administrator is effortless.


Curriculum Inspection


Annual Financial report audit


Faculty’s merit assessment


Student’s wellbeing checklist


Extracurricular/Field trips/Events checklist


Covid-19 precautions checklist

Make collaboration, evaluation, and administration easier for your School’s staff with UrAudits App