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Audit Analytics & Analysis Results

UrAudits provide you with the most detailed and in depth audit data analytics tools that enable you to track progress, monitor events and incidents, and gain valuable insights.

View In-Depth About Internal Audit Data Analytics

UrAudits provide you with the most in-depth and detailed audit analytics that you can imagine. Leverage these insights to know your business more intimately and address issues immediately. Make better use of data analytics in auditing to grow your business and increase your productivity across multiple sites exponentially.

Analyze Results

Identify key issues with a site and take immediate action against it. Make sure that it never happens again.

Analyze Results

Find out repeat incidents and gain knowledge about their context, environment, and how to handle them permanently.

Analyze Results

Add notes, pictures, videos, and sign them to give complete evidence. Annotate your pictures to highlight issues and add your comments.

Analyze Results

Gain the valuable insights from the data analysis for internal auditors and identify top performers, low performers, top trends, and more.

Analyze Results

Keep An Eye On Everything From A Single Platform

With UrAudits data analytics app, you can analyse reports and keep track of things in real-time. Find out what is happening in the field. Monitor multiple locations at the same time. View those locations individually or get a bird’s eye view and monitor trends across multiple locations and incidents.

Filter your data according to location, time, department, user, or problem, and gain the valuable internal auditor data analytics insights into your business operations processes. Take your business to new heights by taking actions on these insights about audit. With a depth audit inspection app, you can gain insights about inspection. UrAudits uses the inspection data analytics tool to provide a thorough data analysis for inspections.

View Data From Multiple Locations Simultaneously

Conduct multiple audits and inspections at multiple sites seamlessly. Never get confused by the amount of data coming your way. View those locations individually or view a consolidated audit findings report your dashboard. Compare the data coming in to find out more about your sites.

Analyze Results
Analyze Results
Generate Reports and Summaries based on Data

With UrAudits, you never have to base your decisions on guesswork or assumptions anymore. Now you have scores of insights auditors data available in the palm of your hand to help you make well-informed, data-driven decisions and grow your business exponentially with inspection analysis results.

You can:

  • View the total number of inspections that have been conducted.
  • View individual scores or average scores of multiple sites.
  • View the users assigned to the tasks and what they have accomplished.
  • View the number of failed items or questions.
  • View the lowest scoring sites and locations.
  • Generate internal audit findings reports and summaries in multiple formats.
  • Adjust the reports to suit the needs of your contacts.
  • View the number of inspections of a single site conducted during a time period.

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