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A custom logistics audit checklist that enables you to improve your business and lower the risks. Ensure quality and speedy delivery without any hassles.

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No More Painful and Time Wasting Audits

Remember the time when you had to take time out of your busy schedule to conduct an audit? You would have to plan for weeks in advance and then spend days in logistics checklist inspection. That situation is no more. Ur Audits is a member of the chartered institute of logistics and transport (CILT). Now you can conduct audits in mere hours and have the reports ready in real-time.

Maintain Highest Quality

Now you can make sure that all your day to day operations are running smoothly and your business is maintaining the highest quality logistics audit checklist standards with immediate and comprehensive transportation inspection app that take no time at all.

Resolve Issues in Real-Time

Identify and mark any evidence with the help of photos, audio, and video and annotate the photos to focus on a specific part. Start immediate actions and tag the concerned people. Monitor the progress easily.

100% Transparency Guaranteed

Generate instant logistics checklist audit reports and share them with your co-workers, managers, shareholders, and more with UrAudits. Provide 100% transparency to increase their trust in you and your brand and improve loyalty.

No Cost Implementation-Stay Safe for Free

Doing audits has been a hectic job lately but by using UrAudits application you do not have to worry about that anymore. Install the application now without any subscription charges and get started.

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Efficient Mobile Inspections

Carry your transport audit checklist with you wherever you go. Amend it as per your requirements. Compare and analyse with reports from other sites or previous reports.

Instant Reports and Dashboard

Get a real-time transport inspection checklist report anywhere right on your dashboard. Compare reports or analyse scores to identify and eradicate problems.

Issue Identification and Tracking

Identify issues right away and immediately assign a task to concerned persons. Track multiple tasks and completion from your dashboard.

Keep Your Fleet Operating at Maximum Capacity

The one thing that a logistics business cannot afford is a fleet of vehicles that are broken or need repairs. Make sure that you inspect the transport logistics checklist for all your vehicles weekly, monthly or bi-monthly and working at optimum speed.

Cut Inspection Time by 30%

Stop wasting your time with the paper and pen audit. Your time is too valuable to be spending on such things. UrAudits certifies with UKWA to conduct superior inspections for clients.

Generate and Analyse Reports on the Go

Get immediate reports as soon as the audit is done. Compare to previous reports or compare multiple sites at once from your user-friendly dashboard and improve the way you do business.

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