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Generate Reports

No more scattered reports. No more misplaced papers. No more huge piles of paperwork. Everything digital, everything in the palm of your hands.

Real-Time Reports

How long did you have to wait to get an audit report earlier? A week? Two weeks? More?

With UrAudits, you can get instant and completely accurate reports wherever you are. Check reports from multiple sites and compare them. Analyse the reports to find out problems. Share them with authorised personnel to get their feedback. This and more once you start using UrAudits.

Automatic Generation

You don’t have to do anything. UrAudits generates automatic reports that make their way only to the people authorised to view them.

Central Database

All your reports, all your data in one central, secure location. Easy to access from anywhere you want.

Generate Reports

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Generate Reports

Transparent Reporting

Have you ever seen a report and wondered if there was something missing?

Have you ever asked for a report only to find out that it was misplaced?

These and other problems are always there with a paper and pen audit process.

But no more. Now you have UrAudits. No more chances of human error. No more misplaced confidential information. No more missing parts in the reports.

What you get is a complete, real-time, transparent, and error-free report, right in the palm of your hands. View the reports in our web app or mobile app and analyse it, compare it with previous reports, and share it with your colleagues.

All Your Data In Your Hands

Want to compare this month’s report to last month’s? Or maybe the month last year? Now you can do that within seconds. With all your data in your hands, you can make well-informed decisions to grow your business and make it safer, more effective, and more productive.

Secure Storage of Data

Your data is safe and secure on our cloud and away from prying eyes.

Find Any Report Anytime

Search for your reports through dates, locations, keywords, and more and find the results within seconds.

Export Any Data

Want to share your data with a third party? Easily export any data that you want.

Customise Report Formats

You can either use a template or customise your reports according to your needs.

Flexible Delivery

Get the reports in multiple formats. You can generate reports in pdf, docx, or a weblink.

Instant sharing

Share the reports and findings with your management and colleagues with the touch of a button.

No Cost Implementation-Stay Safe for Free

Our objectivity is to maximize the protection with prevention. Sign-up to the app with no charges applied throughout. Get in Touch with us to make your choices better.