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Generate Automatic Audit & Inspection Report

Get instant professional reports. No more huge piles of paperwork. Everything Digital. Everything is in the palm of your hands.

Real-Time Accident Reports

How long did you have to wait to get a site audit report earlier? A week? Two weeks or more!

With UrAudits, you can get instant and accurate data reporting audit app wherever you go. You can check and compare real time reports from multiple sites. Analyse the reports to find and fix complicated issues. Share them with your authorised personnel to receive valuable feedback.

Automatic Generation

Generate automatic audit report app with UrAudits. Show the report only to authorised people u know.

Centralized Database

Build a centralised database of all your project reporting and store in a safe and secure cloud based location. We provide ease of access of your instant professional reports from anywhere at any time.

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Error-Free Data and Incident Reporting

Get a complete, real-time accident reports from our latest data reporting software. We deliver clear and transparent data reporting right in the palm of your hands. You can view the real time audit reporting app in your web and mobile phone and analyse with a previous one. Show a smart report to your office colleagues.

All Your Data In Your Hands

With UrAudits, you can receive all the data in your hands. We help you make well-informed decisions about your business and grow tremendous profit and ROI of your organisation.

Secure Storage of Data

Keep your data safe on our cloud and access it anytime from remote location.

Find Any Report Anytime

Find your reports through keywords from any location of the world and get immediate results within seconds.

Export Any Data

Do you need to share your confidential data with someone? UrAudits allows you to easily export any data that you want.

Customise Report Formats

With UrAudits, you can easily customise your reports according to your data specifications.

Flexible Delivery

You can receive the automated inspection reports in numerous formats such as PDF, web, or Docx.

Instant sharing

It is a viral feature of sharing your smart incident reporting with your colleagues and management.

No Cost Implementation-Stay Safe for Free

Our objectivity is to maximize the protection with prevention. Sign-up to the app with no charges applied throughout. Get in Touch with us to make your choices better.