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Assign Action Task And Monitor Workflow

Create and assign actions in real time and eradicate issues at once. Monitor your workflow and track the progress of the assigned tasks from your web or mobile app.

Create And Update Actions

Turn all your issues into actions. Whenever you find an issue, you can identify, track, and correct them as a team. You can either highlight issues as you conduct your audit or you can do it as a standalone activity. Collaborate easily with your team members and keep track of everyone’s interaction.

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Assign Tasks to Teams

Assign any action to any individual or group easily. Create teams that can work on the issue and correct it.

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Schedule Actions

Schedule an action and monitor the activity to find out whether they have been completed or not.

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Talk To Your Team

UrAudits makes it very easy to communicate and collaborate with multiple individuals.

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Perform Inspections and Audits Faster and More Effectively

Conduct Audits from anywhere and anytime. Let Your Employees be your eyes and ears

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Work Together To Solve Issues

Identify each action and track the activity related to it. Each action has a timeline that you can trace easily to find out what your team members are doing, what evidence are they collecting, and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

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Get Notified About Actions

Set notifications about completion of action or the timeline. Find out if the time you set has been exceeded or whether the action has been completed in time.

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Set Visible Hierarchy

Set a hierarchy and make sure that the people on it have access to the actions according to their roles and permissions. Give permissions easily and add people to your actions.

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Track Multiple Actions And Analyse Them

What happens when you have multiple actions to track? Nothing. With UrAudits, you can conduct multiple inspections that generate multiple actions. Have various teams perform these actions and know the real-time progress easily with your user-friendly dashboard.

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View And Track Multiple Actions

You can view actions based on inspections, on level of completion, or based on their priorities.

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Assign Priority And Monitor Progress

Tell your teams which actions take precedence and monitor their progress from your mobile phone.

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