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Centralised Database

All your data in one single place that you can access a free audit app from anywhere.

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Work with your team and make sure that they get all your messages, actions, and more.

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Real-time Reporting

Get a real time auditing app! Ur Audits takes the guesswork out of your decision making.

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Why Transition to UrAudits?

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Custom Checklists

You can upload your own audit checklist or select a template. You can send us your checklist and we will upload it for you

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Access from Any Device

Thanks to our inspection application, you can use any device to access UrAudits. Move freely while using UrAudits.

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You don’t need special trainings and manuals to operate this app. Just an introduction and you are ready to go.

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UrAudits App More Features

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Attach, Annotate, and Sign

Give a pictorial and video proof wherever you want. Annotate a specific part and sign your name easily.

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Minimal Error Margin

Gone are the days when you had to recheck your reports for human errors. Inspect faster and better with audit management app.

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Smart Forms

Create smart forms where you can hide and show various fields depending on the previous answer.

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Advanced Scoring System

No more restrictions of staying within the 1-5 scoring system. Now create your own advanced system if you want.

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User-Friendly Dashboard

We have created a single easy-to-navigate dashboard for you. All the information is now on your fingertips.

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Personalised Checklists

Create and edit inspection checklists according to the needs of your company.

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Real-Time Reporting

Get live updates as your employees conduct the audit and immediately take action.

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Quick Actions

Assign various actions to various employees. Add them to the task and schedule them.

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