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Events Management Inspection App

No Events Management company goes by without an audit. It’s not only essential but also very effective in managing the events by making the entire process fast and easy – Get UrAudits mobile inspection App.

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Manage your Events like a Pro

Be the ultimate professional manager of the events and make your event management brand recognised by standing out from the crowd. Every event has hundreds of checklists and inspection requirements. All these things can be managed in just one magical app.

Win More Sponsors

Organising a big event is not possible without gaining the confidence of big sponsors. Claim your chance to win the sponsors’ trust by getting your audit as transparent and error-free as you can have with UrAudits Application.

Provisions, Supplies, Services – All in one Checklist

UrAudits platform gives you a chance to have it all in one application, be it your supplies, services, or any necessary provisions for the event.

Easy Risk Management

The most important audit prior to an event is its Risk management. You can now make distinct assessments for the venue’s availability, sponsor’s approval, policies, procedures, and more through UrAudits application. In the scenario of any emergency, instant actions can also be created and assigned to the corresponding personnel through the app.


Successful Events – Guaranteed

UrAudits gives you tons of scrutiny checks that can rectify all the miscalculations and flaws beforehand. Therefore, we guarantee your event’s success every time with our app.

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Add value to your events

You can add value to your events only when you are not worried about any additional hustle and bustle of the redundant inspection and audit. Automate the process and enjoy managing an event with a relaxed mind.

Authenticate your Merchandisers

Once your sponsors are approved you need to be sure of the Merchandising activity’s authenticity. And that is only possible when you have the ease of accessing the inspection application at any time.

Team Collaboration – Made easy

With easy access to UrAudits app, you can collaborate with your team anytime and anywhere. Whether you want a follow-up of an event’s progress or feedback from the team, all can be managed in one simple to use app.

Get your hands on your Event’s Saviour Today

UrAudits can really be a saviour for your event by evaluating all the potential risks in advance.

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Events Management Checklists


Budget evaluation report


Cash flow inspection checklist


Advertisement/ Marketing/ Branding checklist


Equipment inspection checklist


Financial Audit


Security Inspection

Event management like never before, Enjoy a smoother and better experience with UrAudits