What Is An Audit Dashboard And How Can Audit Dashboard Help A Business?


December 20 , 2022

Audit dashboard is the leading cloud-based mobile platform that transforms how organizations manage risk today. The management of internal audits, SOX compliance, audits, approvals, and security is made simple by a multidimensional, integrated suite of real-time risk, compliance, and audit solutions. According to Statista, in 2021, 26% of respondents said they routinely check clouds in their companies.

Through improved audit methodology, a better awareness of internal risk factors, more effective audit processes, quicker reaction to vulnerabilities, and improved enterprise risk management, it also aids firms in lowering operational costs and increasing return on investment (ROI). It additionally enhances thorough perspective of the internal and external hazards to your company is provided by the complete risk dashboard application known as the audit dashboard. The Audit Committee provides users with the following functions;

  • Easy-to-use UI/UX theme for business
  • Prioritize audits based on data
  • Low audit server resource utilization
  • Mobile audit function
  • Versatile audit dashboard and reporting platform

What Can You Do With The Help Of An Audit Committee?

What Is An Audit Dashboard And How Can Audit Dashboard Help A Business?

Due to its sophisticated features and simplicity of use, Dutchman Toon Segers’ audit dashboard gained popularity in 2010 and continues to do so today. Audit dashboard was acquired in 2014 by Linkdex, an Australia-based company specializing in digital marketing tools. With the Audit Board you can;

  1. Identify the extent of risk and proactively address it. You can increase your return on investment as an independent strategic value investor by properly managing your risks. With access to audit data as quickly as possible, you can make informed decisions about corrective actions and strategic alternatives. The platform’s audit support allows you to perform regular risk assessments of your company.
  2. Lower costs by addressing crucial issues that have an impact on financial statements and business operations. The detailed knowledge and analytical data provided by the Audit dashboard platform enables organizations to proactively identify and remediate risk areas. Organizations can also track, investigate and resolve issues arising from legal obligations and other risks. You can obtain a competitive advantage and lower operating costs with the aid of this all-inclusive risk management software. This allows companies to invest in areas that produce sustainable results.
  3. Increase business value by providing innovative and engaged auditors and customers. Judges were impressed with the portal, which offers a rich user experience with easy navigation and easy-to-use features. Auditors can make better use of their time by devoting more of it to worthwhile activities like risk analysis and verification. The effectiveness of internal audit support teams is also increased by rapid information sharing and direct access to dashboard resources. Additionally, the Audit dashboard Platform’s compliance support increases company compliance duties and guards against compliance problems.
  4. Use an integrated audit board solution to enhance network and server security. A powerful and effective audit platform connects all teams across your organization to the same content sources for maximum protection and visibility.

Audit Dashboard: A Complete Platform Analysis

What Is An Audit Dashboard And How Can Audit Dashboard Help A Business?

All of the crucial audit data from across the firm is brought to the attention of compliance and risk managers by the audit management platform. Workflow requirements may be readily tracked and approved thanks to the audit dashboard. Compliance teams can now see real-time data on the workflow and authorised users. Managing numerous audit needs is simple. This covers institutions including banks, exchanges, brokers, and more. Inspection teams can quickly undertake activities associated with examinations thanks to the use of the Audit dashboard management solution. They are not mandatory to read through data logs in pieces. With only one click, audit teams can keep track of how each user is doing with their trial.

Audit teams are informed right away about any questionable activity since audit boards keep track of things with real-time reporting from all areas of the organisation. This includes unsuccessful login attempts or unauthorised people changing their login credentials. Compliance officers can keep informed and take prompt action before problems get out of hand by having this information readily available for swift action.

More than only audit-specific information is made available to audit teams by audit management solutions. They have access to audit reports that assist in tracking compliance and risk throughout the company. Additionally, based on various audit phases, including the non-production environment, they can view audit data. As a result, they can test them out before implementing production scans.

This kind of audit management solution is made to give compliance officers the most freedom possible. They can then customise alerts or notifications to suit their needs for review. For instance, the software’s integrated notification module would provide the option for an auditor to receive emails whenever someone changed their credentials.


During a complex tax, audit, review, or consolidation engagement, Audit Dashboard assists accounting professionals and their clients in standardising the information exchange process. The dynamic collaboration solutions from Audit Dashboard increase productivity by centralising communication and document management to break down productivity-eroding information silos. If you are looking for workflow monitor or wants to analyze results contact UrAudits to know more insights about audit system.