Make Your Gym Fitness Inspection Easy with UrAudits


November 16 , 2023

Your gym members’ fitness routine can be more daunting than a tax office financial audit. This evaluation aims to objectively and according to a fixed plan gauge whether they meet fitness criteria. It says it’s the moment to ensure their exercise habits and planning.


With time, specific tech existed among many to cope with this challenge: the launch of fitness audit apps like UrAudits. Such an app is user-friendly and more manageable. You can evaluate your gym members’ fitness progress; it is more accessible and less daunting for those who wish to meet their fitness criteria.


So here in this blog, we will discuss guidelines for UK and US citizens, how you can perform fitness audits with your clients, and how UrAudits is a blessing towards you and yours client’s fitness goals. Let’s begin.


Physical Activity Guidelines for People in the United Kingdom and the United States

American and British physical activity guidelines are alike. Here are these:

  • For kids and teens (ages 6-17): Try to be active for at least 60 minutes every day. Play, run, or do activities that make you move.
  • For adults: Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. This means activities that make you slightly out of breath but still able to talk, like brisk walking.
  • For older adults (65 and up): Also, aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week, or you can do 75 minutes of more intense activities. Just keep moving!
  • If pregnant or a new mom: Try to do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week. It’s good for you and your baby.

These are just basics; you can have detailed guidelines of US physical activity guidelines as well as UK physical activity guidelines in their respective websites.

Performing your fitness auditMake Your Gym Fitness Inspection Easy with UrAudits

Fitness auditing is complex. Have accountability, physical obstacles, and emotional barriers, lack of time and commitment, and the clients’ honesty issues. However, you may be willing to do it.

Begin with an evaluation of their active lifestyle. Surprisingly, clients are much busier than one would think.


Start with significant activities such as group fitness classes, running with friends on weekends, swimming laps, or going to the gym.


Consider the client’s unintentional physical activity that often happens spontaneously. Encourage your clients to not count climbing a single flight of stairs but include activities they might not typically view as exercise, such as cycling to work, walking your kids to school, weekend playtime at the park, or even vigorous gardening (just be cautious with that mattock swing!).


Now, it’s essential to monitor their daily activity consistently.


Many smartphones have apps like UrAudits to help track your client’s physical activity. Try using it to gain a better understanding of their actual activity levels. Alternatively, you can purchase an inexpensive pedometer to count thier steps.


Or, if you prefer a traditional approach, encourage them to let you keep a record of everything. Even a ten-minute walk to the store to buy the newspaper should be noted. In the park, playing soccer for 15 minutes after work also adds to the client’s tally. Remember, if the clients are out of breath after exercising, you let them exercise vigorously, which counts for twice the time. So, a 10-minute run is equivalent to a 20-minute walk.


Next, you can tell to add up their minutes to determine their accurate activity level.


If you find that your clients fall far short of the target, give them motivation and keep away from being panic. It’s time to start moving more.


In fitness, gradual progress is often more effective than attempting a sudden leap from inactivity to intense activity. Trying to do too much too quickly can be overwhelming and lead to giving up.


Once you start and begin experiencing the benefits of exercise for your clients, you’ll naturally make room for more physical activity in their daily lives.


Sometimes, just conducting this audit can shift your perspective on the physical activity of your clients. You may find yourself actively seeking opportunities for your clients to move more.


Where is your spare time?Make Your Gym Fitness Inspection Easy with UrAudits

Once you have decided to improve their activity levels, you must take the next step of deciding how to do this. The biggest challenge is to find time for exercise.


Actually, a lot of us have more free time than we think. That requires self-awareness.

First, determine how your clientele can incorporate physical activity into their daily schedule.

UrAudits recommends one approach, in which a person divides their day into 30-minute parts and then assesses how he or she spends every one of such blocks of time.


Shockingly, many folks discover they have more unoccupied time than they thought. Typically, during the day there’s at least one 30-minute interval when they not in any specific activity. UrAudits suggest filling that time with some form of physical activity in such cases.

Now, carefully evaluate the periods they consider “busy” throughout the day. How many of those minutes are genuinely productive, and how many are just wasted? Be completely honest in this assessment, as you’re conducting an audit.


You aim to identify opportunities to incorporate exercise during these seemingly busy times for your clients. When they add up all these 30-minute sessions, they will get closer to meeting the recommended activity guidelines over a week.


Consider encouraging them to implement systems to create more time for exercise:


  • Prepare meals on Sunday to allow for post-work exercise rather than going home to cook dinner.
  • Arrange with your boss to extend your lunch break slightly 2-3 times a week and make up the time by starting earlier or staying later.
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier to each morning.
  • Save your favorite TV shows during the week and watch them all at once on the weekend.


By strategically planning and making these adjustments, they can find the time to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine.


Finding your Clients exerciseMake Your Gym Fitness Inspection Easy with UrAudits

You’ve allotted their exercise time. Now, the next step is to decide what activity to engage in. The choice should be based on your client’s budget, location, and schedule.


You can find activities they genuinely enjoy. It doesn’t have to be running; it could be something like dancing or Tai Chi.


Regardless of their circumstances, there is a wide range of options available. Adding variety to your routine can help prevent boredom. Another advantage of mixing things up is that they will target different body parts and develop various aspects of fitness.


UrAudits also recommends opting for the most convenient option possible. Let them minimize any opportunities for making excuses.


For instance, team members can drive to the gym with ample free time. However, if they only have 30 minutes early in the morning, just roll out of bed and go for a brisk walk. Avoid letting the mind interfere, as it can lead to procrastination.


Let the duration of available time dictate the type of exercise they choose. If they have only 20-30 minutes, opt for something intense that boosts their heart rate. Keep the session short and intense.


Encourage them To perform what They want, but always Let Them do these things.Make Your Gym Fitness Inspection Easy with UrAudits

Ultimately, the choice is theirs, but always remember these key points:


  • Walking: Walking is a great exercise, especially if they have body pains. It’s easy on their body, can make heart beat faster, and gets you moving.


  • Building Muscles: Encourage them —try to do two activities that make their muscles stronger each week. Encourage them to exercises using your body weight. These include squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, and hip extensions.


  • Rest: Don’t forget to take breaks—even if your clients love exercising, their body needs time to rest. So, sometimes, it’s okay to relax on the couch and give your body a break.


How UrAudits Can Lead to a Stronger Gym Fitness Inspection

UrAudits fitness audit app for Android is designed for gym owners and managers to bolster their fitness facility inspection process. Here’s how UrAudits can enhance your gym’s fitness assessment:


Effortless Gym Audits: Conduct thorough gym inspections easily using your Android or iOS devices, tablets, or PCs. This efficient approach saves valuable time and resources.


Quality Assurance for Equipment: Ensure the top-notch quality of gym equipment and facilities by conducting regular inspections. UrAudits enables you to monitor the state, cleanliness, and accessibility of your equipment, ensuring an excellent experience for your clients.


Environmentally Friendly Facility: Create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for your members. Utilize UrAudits to verify proper equipment placement, shower area cleanliness, and the availability of well-maintained lockers. Maintaining a clean and organized gym enhances customer satisfaction.


Staff Assessment Excellence: Use work assessment checklists to evaluate your staff’s behavior, attitude, and work ethics. A well-trained and friendly staff can boost customer satisfaction, leading to more referrals and positive word-of-mouth marketing.


Health and Fitness Inspection: Effectively perform health and fitness inspections using UrAudits. Ensure your gym complies with health and safety regulations and takes necessary precautions to prevent emergencies.


Outstanding Coaching Services: Differentiate yourself from competitors by delivering exceptional coaching services. Utilize UrAudits to assess and uphold the quality of coaching and training, ensuring your trainers stay up-to-date with industry standards.


Efficient Administrative Task Management: Handle bookings, cancellations, and attendance efficiently with UrAudits. Keep meticulous records by regularly reviewing and verifying information using this fitness institute inspection app?


Facility Safety: Make the safety of your gym members a priority with routine fitness audits. Verify the proper display of exit signs, regular checks of fire extinguishers, and emergency signage to instill a sense of safety and security.


With our fitness auditing app, you can streamline your gym’s fitness inspection process, enhance overall facility quality, and boost customer trust and satisfaction. Regular audits and efficient management will ensure that your gym remains the preferred choice for fitness enthusiasts in your area.



In summary, a fitness audit is a valuable step towards assessing your physical activity levels and striving for a healthier lifestyle.


By monitoring your client’s exercise routines and discovering ways to increase activity, you can align with recommended guidelines and enhance their overall well-being.


For gym owners and managers looking to streamline the audit process, a fitness audit app like UrAudits can improve equipment quality, facility cleanliness, staff performance, and safety compliance. It ultimately ensures vital fitness audit planning for members.


UrAudits— the best gym fitness and healthcare inspection app; it simplifies the planning and execution of digital audits. A potent tool for fitness businesses to uphold high values and attain client fulfilment.