Improve your food industry Compliance with 9 BRC Audit Checklists


January 24 , 2024

BRC audits are the touchstone in measuring and upholding excellence within the food sector. It serves as a lead for organizations to adhere to major ways. Accredited auditors carry out these audits, precisely pore above numerous facets of business operations, from creation processes to facility hygiene.

Understanding the complexities of BRC (Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standard) audits is necessary for compliance assurance with established standards. In this sharp marketplace, BRC audits certify conformity to stringent standards and shore up client trust, a primary factor in the sector.

You can facilitate the audit procedure and improve the probability of a prosperous BRC certification with BRC audit checklists, which are priceless tools. These checklists allow companies to determine their readiness for external audits, recognize non-conformities, address them, and execute measures to prevent recurrence.

Here we go through the following list –


  • Audit Checklists in BRC – Their Importance and Reasons of Usage
  • Make Easier BRC Compliance with BRC digital audit App
  • UrAudits – The Precise Auditor App for Your BRC Audits
  • Other Food Safety and Inspection Checklists


Digital audit checklists in BRC – their importance and explanations of usage

Improve your food industry Compliance with 9 BRC Audit Checklists

As a food company owner, it is of utmost importance to confirm the safety and excellence of your food products. You must execute a strict food safety management system and perform uniform audits. Compliance evaluation is what you carry out with sector standards. The BRC audit checklists play a very huge part in this procedure.

A standardized framework, these checklist give. You can gauge the management of your food safety system against the needs that the BRC global norm for food safety outlines. Each checklist covers various basic components and goals to determine clear-cut and easily distinguishable aspects of your food safety management system. Its goal is to give more clarity and effectiveness to your processes and guarantee that your company consistently meets the stringent standards set by the BRC.


Here’s how utilizing BRC audit checklists can advantage your business:


BRC Audit Checklists: A Large-Scale Approach

You can a have a complete examination of your food safety management system with BRC audit checklists ranging from raw material sourcing to product distribution. This careful coverage guarantees that no crucial regions are overlooked, considerably decreasing the danger of food safety hazards and non-compliance.


Preparation for external audits: proactive measures

Gear up for external audits through uniform internal assessments facilitated by BRC checklists. These checks help find and fix any issues in your food safety system before the external audit. This foresight not exclusively helps you evade costly postpones but also safeguards your reputation in the sector.


Evidence of commitment: transparent records

The documents created during internal audits using BRC checklists act as strong proof that you are fully committed to ensuring food safety and following regulations. These records demonstrate your dedication and help build trust in your compliance efforts. Share these records with external auditors to exhibit a proactive stance, further solidifying your dedication to powerful food safety management.


Improved audit efficiency: simplified processes

Efficiency is paramount in the audit procedure, and BRC audit checklists are crucial in streamlining assessments. By adopting these checklists, auditors can effectively assess your system, minimizing disruption to your operations and conserving precious time and assets.


Continuous improvement: evolutionary progress

Have continuous enhancement with BRC checklists, recognizing regions within your food safety management system that warrant enhancement. Dealing with these regions confirms a consistent elevation of your food safety methods, allowing you to meet the dynamic desires of the ever-evolving sector.


Free BRC audit checklists: sail across BRC issue 9

It is the 9th edition of BRC, make known on August 1, 2022, which consists of nine crucial components. From senior management dedication to traded product requirements, these components form the basis for a powerful food safety and excellence management system that balances with the industry’s newest standards.


9 Main BRC Audits Components and Checklists

Improve your food industry Compliance with 9 BRC Audit Checklists

All aspects of the BRC edition 9 are covered in the checklists here.


Clause 1: management commitment

An insightful evaluation of senior management dedication and continuous enhancement strategies with our in-depth BRC audit checklist. This checklist, found in the first step of BRC global food safety standard issue 9, focuses on important factors such as organizational structure and duties, and senior management commitment. By smoothly incorporating this checklist into your internal audits, you can confidently get ready for the third-party BRC certification audit. It’s the first essential step to ensure that your senior management is dedicated, your organization is structured well, and everyone knows their responsibilities regarding food safety.


Clause 2: Food Safety Strategy HACCP

Assess your operation’s alignment with BRC global food safety norm – issue 9 utilizing our checklist customized to scrutinize the food safety strategy and HACCP. This checklist confirms a large-scale evaluation by covering the elements of the highest importance, such as CCP monitoring system establishment, HACCP strategy validation, prerequisite programs, and hazard identification. Other regions integrate the formulation of corrective action plans and careful HACCP documentation and recordkeeping.


Clause 3: food safety & excellence management system

This large-scale food safety and excellence management checklist enhances numerous facets of your excellence management system. This clause deals with supplier management, corrective actions, details, complaints management, traceability, and control of non-conforming products; the checklist raises the overall efficiency of your food safety methods.


Clause 4: site standards

Ensure compliance with site standards outlined in BRC global food safety norm – issue 9 utilizing our site audit checklist. Assess crucial regions like pest management, housekeeping, maintenance, storage facilities, external standards, staff facilities, and equipment, to maintain a high-rise norm of facility operations.


Clause 5: Product control

Streamline your product-related processes with our product control audit checklist, covering design, packaging, labeling, product genuineness, testing, release, allergen management, and pet food and animal feed inspections; this checklist confirms the distribution of safe and exactly labeled products to your customers.


Clause 6: procedure control

Evaluate your operations against BRC global food safety norm – issue 9 requirements utilizing our procedure control audit checklist. It deals with control of operations, labeling /packing calibration, control, monitoring, quantity, and more; this checklist promotes uniform product excellence and correctness all over your actions.


Clause 7: personnel

Assess your personnel’s training, hygiene methods, medical screening, and protective measures with our personnel audit checklist. To minimize contamination, ensure compliance with BRC standards by managing raw material, processing, and storage regions.


Clause 8: the creation of danger zones

Use our hazard checklist to identify high-risk areas in your facility. Assess layout, product flow, segregation, equipment maintenance, hygiene methods, construction of fabric, staff facilities, waste storage and disposal, and protective apparel to prevent possible hazards and guarantee product safety.


Clause 9: traded products

Efficiently oversee your traded food products with our BRC audit checklist for traded products. Assess traceability, performance monitoring, food safety plans, testing, details, and legality to uphold the uprightness and well-being of your traded goods.

Implementing these checklists is exclusively a part of the compliance procedure. Let’s explore how the correct app can streamline global food safety standards compliance.


Make Easier BRC Compliance With BRC App

Improve your food industry Compliance with 9 BRC Audit Checklists

The auditor app for your BRC helps food companies effectively upkeep and examine their compliance with the global norm of BRC. Here are the features that decrease the bare bones of the compliance procedure:


Mobile attainability unleashed

The auditor app for your BRC allows you to give a mobile-friendly experience, where each team member carries appropriate checklists and sops in their pocket, prepared for frequent reviews and smooth data input. Receive timely notifications for scheduled self-audits. You can have on-the-go viewing and implementation of corrective actions. This flexibility confirms specifically advantageous for on-site audits and facilitates real-time reporting with data gathering.


Unified documentation hub

With the Inspector app for BRC, you can have a centralized platform to store and oversee all crucial documentation, combining excellence manuals, self-inspection records, normal operating processes, and audit reports. Bid farewell to the tedious search for scattered files and have painless access to data of the utmost importance during audits.


Automated corrective actions and workflows

Make your BRC compliance work easier with the auditor app. It helps you by automating tasks such as setting up internal audits, giving out responsibilities, and keeping track of what needs to be fixed.. This automation not exclusively simplifies processes but also decreases manual workloads, guaranteeing the prompt completion of compliance tasks.


Live monitoring unleashed

The real-time monitoring abilities in the BRC Inspector app for Android give access to track compliance indicators proactively. You can rapidly recognize and deal with any rising hindrances. This proactive technique facilitates continuous enhancement. Our app acts as a preventive measure against non-conformances during external audits.


Holistic reporting dynamics

The BRC app allows you to generate large-scale reports with insights into audit outcomes, and trends and compliance performance. These reports are potent tools for knowledgeable decision-making, stakeholder communication, and pinpointing regions for ongoing enhancement.


Professional report template

Build a professional report template from Scrape. Upload your current checklists or utilize one of our built-in checklists. UrAudits gives thousands of digital audit templates industry-wise to pick from and carry out your audit very well.


UrAudits – The Correct App for Your BRC Audits

Improve your food industry Compliance with 9 BRC Audit Checklists

UrAudits audit app simplifies compliance with BRC global standards for efficiency. Here’s why you ought to use the UrAudits food safety app.


Monitor food safety and excellence standards.

Make sure your food safety and hygiene standards are top-notch with UrAudits. Simplify inspections on various devices by recording field details and putting together photos and notes, even when offline.


Efficiency in mobile inspections

Paperless processes and receive professional immediate reports and audit data analytics. Use an interactive dashboard to track hindrances, assign tasks, and examine resolutions well.


Efficient food safety & excellence inspections

Digitize internal audits, with quality reviews, hygiene, procedure, kitchen inspections, and restaurant visits and personnel checks. Examine compliance with FSSC, BRC, HACCP, and ISO standards for simplified operations.


Documentation & issue resolve

Make more simple documentation and resolve matters without complex training. Customize checklists for your particular core demands, refining the effectiveness of food safety and excellence inspections.


100% visibility & clearness

Access live dashboards to instantly see recurring issues and major challenges across different locations and teams. Use this information to make informed decisions and improve food standards and service levels.


Extra food safety and inspection checklists

Besides BRC checklists, the UrAudits audit application also gives a range of other food safety checklists. And these are: –


  • Food Safety and Hygiene Checklist
  • Self-Monitoring Checklist for Food Businesses
  • Daily Sample Reports
  • Wellness & Safety Audit Checklist
  • Food Premises Inspection Checklist


The UrAudits Auditor app for iOS helps you effortlessly maintain top-notch food safety. Easy inspections, effective audits, easy documentation, and clear insights keep your standards high-rise and your processes smooth.

Download our app from Android or iOS or as a web app.