How can you use a safety inspection app in your enterprise?


December 5 , 2023

Smartphone safety inspection apps are increasingly becoming the norm in every industry and for sound motivation. These apps offer many advantages for either users or organizations, combining enhanced effectiveness, minimized travel requirements, and enhanced managerial oversight.


Whether performing a job hazard evaluation at a remote work site or performing a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) check on the factory floor, mobile inspection apps have proven to be priceless tools for monitoring workplace safety.


As the awareness of their possible applications rises, more and more organizations are adopting the implementation of the mobile safety inspection app.


Here are seven modes you can utilize these apps effectively:


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  1. Execute JSAs/JHAs in the field.How can you use a safety inspection app in your enterprise?

The mobile safety inspection app for Android and iOS have become standard for job safety analyses (JSAs), and job hazard analyses (JHAs). Previously, the traditional technique was to fill out paper forms during on-site assessments, followed by the cumbersome task of entering the data into the safety database back at the office. This proved inefficient and introduced the danger of errors and inaccuracies.


The arrival of mobile inspection apps addresses these challenges by allowing on-the-spot inspections utilizing any mobile phone or tablet. This simplified procedure allows for the all-in-one capture of data, combining pictures, video, audio recordings, and notes, resulting in more large-scale and meaningful outcomes.


UrAudits mobile app offers the flexibility to capture data offline, syncing faultlessly once the device is back within network coverage. This feature is precious for worksites in remote places where online connectivity may be broken.


  1. Evaluate PPE usage & look after work actionsHow can you use a safety inspection app in your enterprise?

Mobile safety inspection apps offer adaptability exceeding formal JSAs and danger assessments. They are precious tools for gathering data on PPE usage and observing protective work behaviors. Amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19, safety leaders use these apps for spot checks, guaranteeing compliance with social distancing and other safety protocols. Facility managers, too, discover the usefulness of performing walkthroughs to confirm conformity to proper cleaning and disinfection processes.


The outcomes of these spot checks can be aggregated into dashboard reports customized for executives, delivering a large-scale overview of safety compliance. This technique improves openness and facilitates quick decision-making based on real-time data.


  1. Capture worker observations & nearby errorsHow can you use a safety inspection app in your enterprise?

Enhancing employee interaction is not the sole advantage of mobile inspection apps; they also allow any company member to contribute energetically. With these apps, employees can readily use their mobile phones or tablets to document events, near misses, or at-risk observations rapidly. This ability establishes a network of “eyes in the field,” guaranteeing the capture of crucial safety data that might otherwise go unnoticed. Mobile apps democratize safety reporting, making it reachable and effective for all company members.


  1. Perform maintenance inspectionsHow can you use a safety inspection app in your enterprise?

Ensuring the protected working condition of equipment relies heavily on uniform maintenance inspections, serving as a proactive measure to recognize major repairs and proactively address hindrances before they lead to downtime or injuries.


Various items, like electrical systems, machinery, vehicles, and calibrated tools, request routine inspections. This includes initial help kits, fire extinguishers, ladders, drop security harnesses, and other personal protective equipment (PPE).


While the volume of inspections may seem overwhelming, using mobile apps considerably simplifies the entire procedure. Managers/Supervisors can virtually organize and assign inspections digitally. Inspectors with smartphones or tablets can effortlessly navigate through checklists, capture photos, and promptly submit their findings.


Once the inspection concludes, outcomes are promptly disseminated to appropriate staff, guaranteeing instantaneous resolution of maintenance hindrances.


  1. Complete inspections remotelyHow can you use a safety inspection app in your enterprise?

Efficiently finishing inspections without the desire for large-scale travel is a crucial application of mobile apps, delivering significant advantages, especially in the present pandemic context.


You can pass on the inspections to on-site personnel rather than undertake the logistical challenges of commuting to each facility. Equipped with a smartphone or tablet, local staff members can effortlessly execute inspections utilizing standardized pre-built forms, confirming uniformity across the company.


Once the inspection closes, the outcomes flawlessly synchronize with a primary database, delivering instantaneous visibility to management. This technique improves effectiveness and balances with safety measures during these crucial times.


  1. Improved management visibility

Portable safety inspection apps are handy regarding management reporting. In distinction to paper forms necessitating manual compilation, which can span days or weeks, mobile apps give immediate access to inspection outcomes through dynamic dashboards upon completion. This immediacy allows facility managers and safety leaders to promptly recognize and address any hindrances, facilitating knowledgeable decision-making based on the newest data.


Moving further, you can form an executive dashboard allowing senior managers to examine the business safety performance in real-time, bridging the gaps among meetings. This real-time visibility improves overall organizational responsiveness and proactive safety management.


  1. Push corrective/preventive activities

Mobile apps can help you facilitate the inspection and reporting procedure. But did you recognize they can also benefit you to be more proactive about conceivable safety threats?

UrAudits digital audit app can trigger duties and disciplinary measures founded on inspection discoveries. For illustration, if staff are not wearing suitable respiratory security, a superior gets a notification and an allotment of training. These automatic actions will support you in replying to hindrances quickly and keeping one and all answerable.


Upgrade your auditing style with the UrAudits inspection app for iOS and Android.


UrAudits workplace safety app

UrAudits’ workplace safety inspection app gives enterprises the platform to proactively oversee and enhance safety-related costs, safeguard their workforce, wellness, and safety, and guarantee the overall well-being of their operations. The app’s powerful reporting and analytics abilities give management precious insights into safety performance and rising trends.

The UrAudits workplace safety app delivers a suite of features: –


  • Smart onboarding: – UrAudits acts as a large-scale auditing solution, allowing companies to build accounts and teams for numerous audits across multiple sites.
  • Custom checklist: – tailor a checklist for varied industries and auditable regions, recognizing rising hindrances and facilitating timely action.
  • Easy-to-use template builder: – build or customize audit templates for industry-specific inspections coordinated with company goals and requirements.
  • Reschedule missed audits: – Efficiently assign overlooked audits to relevant departments and confirm precise examinations and compliance reporting.
  • Audit management: -create templates, schedule audits, and examine audit progress for accurate outcomes. Cloud documentation allows afterward use.
  • Quick actions: – designate numerous actions for teams or people, organizing them for convenient implementation.
  • User-friendly dashboard: – a simplified and reachable dashboard delivering easy access to data.
  • Real-time reporting: – allow simultaneous inspection and action with real-time notifications.
  • Progressed scoring system: – liberty from the limitations of a 1-5 scoring system; build a customized progressed system as necessary.


UrAudits’ app is available in almost all industries. It is a fitness, retail inspection, nursery, and healthcare inspection app that nurtures a collaborative technique, promoting a safety culture throughout the company that improves employee interaction and accountability.


Benefits of utilizing UrAudits workplace safety app

Incorporating the UrAudits safety inspection app into your safety management strategy delivers many advantages that redefine safety inspections. This app brings about a transformative shift in how inspections are conducted, refining effectiveness, correctness, and overall safety performance.


  • Anytime, anywhere availability: the app facilitates the quick and convenient implementation of inspections. Inspectors can use mobile devices for on-site inspections, eliminating the desire for paper forms and manual data access. A structured checklist confirms a complete examination of appropriate regions and tasks, decreasing the probability of oversights and guaranteeing large-scale inspections.
  • Access to real-time data: the safety inspection app allows real-time data synchronization. Inspectors can promptly input their findings, covering hazards, equipment conditions, and non-compliance hindrances.
  • Safety danger reduction: the data immediately exists for analysis and action. Managers can quickly identify safety holes, execute timely corrective measures, and track trends. These prompt actions support mitigating danger, preventing accidents, and encouraging a proactive/take-charge safety culture.
  • Enhanced communication: reporting features within the app facilitate effective stakeholder communication and cooperation. Detailed reports can be produced and shared with appropriate personnel, promoting a clear comprehension of inspection findings and significant actions. This openness encourages accountability, guaranteeing prompt notification and responsibility for identifying hindrances.
  • Compliance management: incorporation with a centralized database elevates compliance management. The app acts as a warehouse for inspection records, simplifying tracking and verifying compliance with safety regulations. This quality facilitates audits/inspections by regulatory authorities, keeping time and reducing likely damages or legal matters.


Implementing an inspection app in your organization

This article highlights a picking of ways in which organizations, either for healthcare, retail or fitness inspection, or any other, using mobile safety inspection apps can save enterprise time, give better accountability, and decrease risks.


Applying a mobile safety audit app is remarkably easy; with quick deployment. Nowadays, these apps can be operational within weeks. Your firm can promptly witness tangible outcomes. Notably, UrAudits’ mobile inspection tools have a smooth implementation procedure that is 100% achievable remotely.


Download it now from the Apple Store, Play Store, or as a web app.