UrAudits Step-By-Step Process, Features, And Industries We Cater To


November 24 , 2023

We motivate frontline workers across varied industries with our cutting-edge digital audit platform – UrAudits. This dynamic tool improves productivity and simplifies compliance efforts, all while considerably decreasing time and resource investments.


Our audit app caters as a catalyst for instilling an influential safety culture, stopping events through timely controls, and smoothly and logically combining business continuity management. By triggering alarms and facilitating prioritized actions, our platform confirms that safety is not merely a priority but a proactive and ongoing initiative.


In this blog, we will go through the step-by-step procedure of UrAudits, explore its standout features, and explore the varied industries it caters to.


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How UrAudits Performs? A Step-By-Step ProcessUrAudits Step-By-Step Process, Features, And Industries We Cater To


  1. Build your account by signing up for a 14-day free trial.

This is the initial step in receiving, which began with UrAudits. Sign up for a free trial account and begin utilizing the app immediately. You will have access to all of the features of the app, combining the ability to build and oversee inspections, schedule inspections, and view inspection reports.


  1. Use the built-in templates from the public library or build your template.

UrAudits arrives with a library of pre-built templates for various industries and compliance requirements. You can operate these templates as-is or customize them to suit your needs/requirements. You could also produce your templates from scratch.


  1. In your selected templates, join your necessary inspection sections & checklists.

This step combines the particular inspection items you desire to check during your inspection. You can add as many or as few inspection items as you desire. You can also team inspection items into sections for greater company.


  1. To schedule, choose a template & schedule an inspection by filling in the necessary field, i.e. (title, assignee, group, frequency, site, date, etc.)

This step entails scheduling your inspection for a particular date and time. You can also assign the inspection to a particular consumer or team of users. You can also set the inspection frequency, like weekly, monthly, or quarterly.


  1. Execute inspections as per schedule, with actions, videos, images, annotations, global response & multiple pick-out responses for digital evidence, even offline.

This is where you execute your inspection. UrAudits allows you to collect digital evidence through photos, videos, audio recordings, and annotations. You can add actions, global responses, and multiple pick-out responses to your inspection items. You can even execute inspections offline and sync your data afterward.


  1. Finally, view or download your detailed inspection report in a PDF file and share it via email within the app.

Once you have completed your inspection, you can view or download a detailed inspection report in PDF format. You can also share the report via email within the app.


On what features do UrAudits live?UrAudits Step-By-Step Process, Features, And Industries We Cater To

As you know, the procedure is how UrAudits works; now, it is central to know the features it delivers when utilizing it. Initial is the;


Well-run Onboarding Experiences— begin your UrAudits trip effortlessly with the smart onboarding feature. It guides you through building your account, configuring templates, and scheduling that crucial initial inspection, all through an intuitive step-by-step procedure.


Enterprise-Grade Management For Multiple Companies— for large enterprises that oversee multiple companies, and it helps to centralize the management of inspections, making the process more efficient. Smoothly and logically share data across entities, guaranteeing a cohesive and effective inspection procedure.


Comprehensive sector templates— allow your inspections with UrAudits’ built-in library of industry-specific templates. Compliant with varied regulations, these templates facilitate a quick start, guaranteeing complete and regulatory conformity.


Intuitive template customization—build customized templates effortlessly with the user-friendly UrAudits template builder. Adapt inspection criteria to your accurate desires with ease and effectiveness.


Prompt action—effortlessly have better inspection data with quick actions. Immediately append actions, photos, videos, and annotations to inspection items, guaranteeing large-scale documentation.


Missed audit rescheduling—never worry about missed inspections with the easy-to-use rescheduling feature. Effortlessly adapt inspection timelines, guaranteeing a timely and complete evaluation.


Geo-fencing for site alerts—execute geo-fences around inspection sites to receive timely alerts upon access or departure. Guarantee no inspection is overlooked with this location-triggered reminder system.


Limitless visual documentation— capture unlimited photos and videos during inspections. UrAudits lets you thoroughly document your inspections, delivering a large-scale visual record.


Real-time notifications and alerts— remain in the loop with UrAudits’ real-time notifications. Receive alerts for missed inspections, overdue actions, and crucial events, guaranteeing proactive inspection management.


Offline inspection ability— execute inspections smoothly and logically even in offline environments. UrAudits allows you to execute inspections regardless of internet connectivity, guaranteeing flexibility in the field.


Workflow progress monitoring— track inspection progress effortlessly with UrAudits’ workflow actions monitoring. Guarantee timely and high-quality inspections, aligning with specified standards.


User-friendly dashboard experience: navigate your inspection scenery effortlessly with the user-friendly UrAudits audit dashboard. Acquire insights into inspection status, overdue actions, and crucial data at a glance.


On-demand analytics and reporting: use the strength of on-demand audit data analytics and reporting in UrAudits. Reveal trends and regions for enhancement with insightful data, refining your inspection strategy.


Executive overview for C-level stakeholders: Allow C-level executives with an exclusive executive audit dashboard in UrAudits. Give high-level insights into the inspection process, facilitating strategic decision-making.


Detailed inspection action log: guarantee accountability with UrAudits’ detailed action log. Track all inspection-related activities, guaranteeing conformity to proper inspection processes.


Unified inspection report sharing: effortlessly share inspection reports straight via email through UrAudits. Streamline communication with stakeholders by promptly delivering large-scale inspection outcomes.


Which industries UrAudits caters to?UrAudits Step-By-Step Process, Features, And Industries We Cater To

After investigating our app’s features and procedures, you are excited to know we serve almost all essential industries.



Conduct complete inspections of medical equipment, patient care procedures, and staff training to guarantee compliance with all applicable regulations. This proactive technique decreases the danger of medical errors, finally refining patient safety within healthcare facilities.



Optimize health by guaranteeing that health facilities adhere to safety regulations. Execute inspections on healthiness equipment, facility cleanliness, and staff training, thus decreasing the danger of injuries and guaranteeing overall compliance with regulations.



Enhance safety and item excellence in manufacturing facilities by guaranteeing compliance with safety and excellence regulations. Use UrAudits to inspect manufacturing equipment, creation processes, and item quality and effectively track and oversee corrective actions.



Ensure compliance with safety and hygiene regulations in hospitality companies. Execute inspections of guest rooms, food preparation areas, and staff training to decrease the danger of accidents and foodborne illnesses.



Mitigate risks in logistics operations by guaranteeing compliance with safety and security regulations. Use UrAudits to inspect vehicles, warehouses, and transportation procedures, facilitating the reduction of accidents and theft while efficaciously managing corrective actions.



Promote safety on construction sites by performing inspections on construction equipment, site safety procedures, and worker training. Guarantee compliance with safety regulations, finally decreasing the danger of accidents and injuries.


Cleaning service

Maintain hygiene standards in cleaning services by inspecting cleaning equipment, procedures, and staff training. Guarantee compliance with hygiene regulations to decrease the danger of contamination and improve overall cleanliness.


Oil & gas

Enhance safety and environmental responsibility in oil and gas operations by inspecting equipment, creation processes, and environmental influence. Guarantee compliance with safety and environmental regulations to decrease the danger of accidents and environmental harm.


Real estate

Ensure compliance with safety and construction codes in real estate properties. Inspect property condition, safety exposures, and achievability to decline the peril of accidents and lawful hindrances.



Minimize risks in retail companies by guaranteeing compliance with safety and security regulations. Execute inspections on retail stores, inventory, and staff training to decrease the danger of accidents, theft, and fraud.



Maintain compliance with safety and hygiene regulations in restaurants. Inspect kitchen equipment, food preparation areas, and staff training to decrease the danger of foodborne illnesses and accidents.


Ensure compliance with food safety regulations in food companies. Inspect food preparation areas, food storage, and staff training to decrease the danger of foodborne illnesses.


Health & safety

Improve workplace safety with wellness and safety regulations are adhered to. Conduct workplace inspections for work equipment, hazardous materials, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to mitigate risks of accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses.

Energy & agriculture

Confirm your Compliance with safety and ecological regulations in energy and agricultural actions. Inspect energy equipment, agriculture, and food safety courses that cut the hazard of accidents, environmental damage, and foodborne diseases.



Ensure compliance with safety and excellence regulations in automotive companies. Execute inspections on vehicles, repair procedures, and staff training to decrease the danger of accidents, item defects, and client dissatisfaction.


Education and School

Create a defensive and conducive learning environment in schools by guaranteeing safety and educational regulations compliance. Execute inspections on school facilities, classrooms, and student records to promote student well-being.


Ensure safety rules are followed to foster security in schools and educational institutions. Assess school facilities, playground equipment, and emergency response practices to diminish the threat of accidents, injuries, and illegal entry.

Transport and logistics

Ensure compliance with safety and security regulations in transportation and logistics companies. Inspect vehicles, warehouses, and transportation processes to decrease the danger of accidents, theft, and harm to goods.



Promote a shielding and nurturing environment in nurseries by guaranteeing safety and childcare regulations compliance. Inspect nursery facilities, staff training, and childcare processes to guarantee the well-being of young children.


Care home provider

Provide a protective and supportive environment in care homes by guaranteeing safety and care regulations compliance. Execute inspections on care home facilities, staff training, and care processes to better the well-being of residents.


Event management

Ensure the safety and enjoyment of events by guaranteeing compliance with safety and security regulations. Execute inspections on occasion venues, crowd control procedures, and emergency response plans to build a protective and enjoyable environment for attendees.



In closing, UrAudits is a forward-looking digital audit platform reforming safety and compliance across wide-ranging industries. It’s simplified onboarding, real-time alerts, and large-scale features simplify the auditing process, endorsing a proactive safety culture.


With a large-scale range of features like geo-fencing, offline capabilities, and on-demand audit data analytics, UrAudits caters to numerous sectors with flexibility and effectiveness. The platform’s adaptability is obvious in its broad sector coverage— a priceless tool for firms to place for safety, compliance, and operational superiority first.


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