Build Better Inspection Reports for Your Real Estate Firm


September 21 , 2023

As we enter 2023, we must delve into the latest technological advancements reshaping diverse industries. In this blog, we will explore how the advent of property inspection software is reforming real estate or property management businesses. It enables them to automate repetitive tasks, streamline operations, and generate instant professional reports for their property inspections.

Companies must hold forward-thinking solutions. Such as property inspection software, mobile applications, smart locks, and cloud-based systems have become the standard practise for progressive property managers. They aim to excel in today’s fiercely competitive landscape.

However, before delving into the advantages of these cutting-edge tool like property inspection software. But let us first grasp the pivotal role of inspection reports within the real-estate industry.

4 Elements of a Good Property Inspection Report

Build Better Inspection Reports for Your Real Estate Firm

Few dispute the significance and utility of a home inspection. Particularly within the setting of a property sale. Yet, whether it be a pre-purchase examination or any other variant, it still needs the accompanying report.

The instant professional reports for inspection grasp an equivalent level of importance as the visual assessment itself. It sums up all the observations that the building inspector made during their visit to the property.

But are you conscious of the constituents of a commendable inspection report? In particular, the contractor must adhere to the professional standards of their field, such as:

In United States International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and International Code Council (ICC) standards and codes. In the United Kingdom, the Building Act 1984, Building Regulations 2010, and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) guidelines (professional organisation).

A quality inspection report can have these four elements.

  1. Comprehensive Description of Inspected Elements

Build Better Inspection Reports for Your Real Estate Firm

In property inspection reports, the chief requirement is the meticulous documentation of every inspected element. It entails identifying the nature of each element and elucidating its present state and condition.

In cases where inconsistencies and faults come to light during visual scrutiny, it becomes crucial to correctly record these in the instant professional reports. It ensures the customer’s full awareness. Even without detecting defects, the inspector must highlight this in the report. It must ensure an inclusive and informative overview.

The fundamental purpose of the report revolves around affording the buyer or owner an exact understanding of the building’s condition. It involves pointing out things that need to be changed and why and noticing things that are still in good shape but might need more checking. Consequently, describing these components and their condition demands nothing less than a thorough approach.

  1. In-depth explanations within the Inspection Report

Build Better Inspection Reports for Your Real Estate Firm

An abundance of detailed information is beneficial and essential within a worthy instant professional reportfor inspection; it pertains not only to the components monitored but also to the procedures undertaken by the inspector. It is obligatory for the inspector to unequivocally outline what aspects of the property were accessible during their visit and what remained beyond reach.

In situations when things outside the building couldn’t be reached, perhaps due to dense vegetation, the inspection report should document these restraints and clarify the underlying reasons for such inaccessibility with complete care. Similarly, when the base of the house couldn’t be seen, a diligent inspector should eagerly pinpoint the exact locations where the examination could not be carried out, such as the left side or the rear of the house.

A broad inspection report also assesses the weather conditions prevailing during the inspection; weather conditions significantly influence the analysis by restricting the inspector’s access to certain areas of the property or impeding their ability to accurately assess risks associated with specific elements.

For example, after a hot and dry period, an inspection conducted in the summer might show the effects of that hot weather. Equally, a winter inspection stopped the inspector from gaining access to the roof due to ice on the shingles and amassed snow.

The inspection report’s paramount duty is to leave no room for ambiguity regarding what was inspected within the property and under what conditions the examination occurred. An unclear report could create confusion, ultimately complicating matters in a dispute.

  1. Clarity and Simplicity in Inspection Reports

Build Better Inspection Reports for Your Real Estate Firm

While a comprehensive instant professional report holds value, remaining comprehensible is equally crucial. A report loaded with technical terminology might appear impressive; however, it will fail to ease an understanding of the building’s condition, potentially breeding uncertainty.

Hence, a sound inspection report must strike a balance by being straight and clear in simple language. It should cater to a broad audience. It ensures that even non-professionals in the field grasp its contents. Using many fancy, hard-to-understand words in a document doesn’t help, especially if there might be a legal problem.

  1. Visual Aids in the Inspection Report

In the quest for precision, visual documentation of images is better than the textual descriptions of inspected components and elements, no matter how detailed. Therefore, a high-quality instant professional report incorporates photographs the building inspector took during the visual examination.

To enhance accuracy, the inspector may augment these images with annotations, arrows, or other means to ascribe observed findings as distinctly as possible.

The Significance of a Professional Building Inspection Report

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a building inspection, the associated report substantially influences your real estate endeavours. It aids in the planning of renovations, the renegotiation of purchase offers, and, if needed, the solution of disputes to avoid potential legal traps.

Indeed, in the event of post-purchase issues or the discovery of concealed defects by the new owner, the inspection report assumes a key role in distributing responsibility among the parties involved. Hence, this document must stand as a complete, comprehensive, and easily understandable testament to the property’s condition at the transfer time.

Creating a detailed, instant professional report demands more time than a brief one. Nonetheless, your inspector must furnish you with a thorough inspection report.

Automate Your Business Inspection in 2023 with UrAudits

Now, we understand the essential features and worth of inspection reports in the property industry. It’s time to delve into why you should elevate your business with property inspection software that can give instant professional reports digitally in no time and just a few clicks in 2023:

Consistency is a Recipe for Success

Trailblazing property inspection software like UrAudits allows you to create workflows that mechanize dull tasks. These tools permit automatic maintenance scheduling based on inspection outcomes. For instance, when a routine inspection uncovers a broken window, the software swiftly extracts pertinent details and dispatches them directly to the designated handyman via your mobile device.

Time Proficiency

Accepting property inspection software reduces your inspection time, every so often by 75% or more. External or internal inspection audit applications in the UK on mobiles can now accomplish what once consumed an hour in mere minutes. After uploading the inspection to a cloud-based server, the software instantly generates detailed reports, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual formatting, data entry, photo upkeep, or extended screen time. The outcome is a collection of clear, top-quality, and professional yet instant professional reports that leave a lasting impression on clients, tenants, and stakeholders.

Location Independence is the Freedom to Work Anywhere

Advanced property inspection solutions harness the potential of cloud-based software, granting you the freedom to work from any location at any hour. With an internet connection, your account becomes accessible, enabling you to conduct inspections. Moreover, these solutions often offer offline functionality, permitting inspections without an internet connection. Rather than on a single device, storing data in the cloud raises convenience, output, quickness, security, performance, and overall efficacy. It frees property managers from the limits of their desks.

Outshine the Competition

Embracing modern tools and methodologies is paramount to maintaining a lead in the real estate management sector. Relying on old-fashioned approaches, such as pen-and-paper or cumbersome spreadsheets, stifles your company’s growth potential. By embracing property inspection software, you convey a resounding message to clients and tenants—your commitment to harnessing technology for optimal outcomes. These software solutions come with advanced features. These are like restructuring dispute resolution procedures and side-by-side reporting— this level of competence and proficiency sets you apart from competitors.

Elevate Staff Morale

While things like ping-pong tables and free lunches are nice, buying tools that make work easier and better can really make employees happy. Property inspection software revolutionises the entire workflow for your team, curtailing the time spent on inspections and administrative tasks. You bolster morale and ignite motivation and productivity by arming your staff with efficient tools.


Ultimately, an instant professional inspection report is all about comprehensive descriptions, in-depth explanations, and clear, visually aided content for a quality property, essential for informed decision-making in real estate and dispute resolution.

As we step into 2023, it’s evident that property inspection software has evolved into an indispensable asset for property management companies striving to excel in an intensely competitive landscape. This technological marvel bestows upon you the capability to achieve steady consistency, get to the bottom of ample time savings, attain geographical flexibility, outclass rivals, and uplift your staff’s spirits.

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