Auditing of Your Security Controls With Real Time Capture of Incidents


November 10 , 2022

Audits have become an essential part of our ever-growing world, where the business sector is expanding rapidly with time. As more companies are adding to the industrial sector, the competition is increasing at a growing rate, often leaving companies ignoring production and the environment. This negatively impacts a company’s reputation and often leads to its failure. Thus, businesses must be very careful at every step of their auditing process. Many times they even need evidence to recheck any step.

If we look at its growth rate, auditing and inspections have increased exponentially in demand over time. A system that was considered tiring and time-consuming now contributes to one of the success factors in the real world. Some prominent organisations emphasise its correct implementation and importance in the real world. It doesn’t matter in which industry a company operates; as far as they are regularly inspecting and taking timely action, it’s all good to go. Thanks to it, the new digital evidence capture feature has made auditing more accurate and transparent with its app development. Thus, improving security issues quickly for any industry.

What is Auditing?

Auditing of Your Security Controls With Real Time Capture of Incidents

Auditing is a real-time examination of a company’s operations, environment, policies, finances, etc. Here professional auditors are hired to keep a thorough check and balance on all the business procedures and everything that leads to its success. It highlights the current and upcoming issues that may affect the productivity and efficiency of any organisation. All this leads to auditors taking proactive action against the problems. However, since the world is digitalising major of the auditing process has been automated.

The audit apps have gained immense success in the last decade, where it has moved from the traditional system to a paperless solution that not only detects time issues but takes proactive action against them. The main reason for auditing is to mitigate any problem that leads to failure. This even means creating a checklist and examining each and every place slowly.

However, it has evolved over time, and the real time capture has made it highly functional. The development and improvement don’t stop here. Developers are continuously in the process of making the audit or inspection app better for both iOS and Android users. More advanced features are being added that have enabled firms to customise checklists and choose from new templates. It has even added the feature of adding multiple videos and pictures as proof.

Moreover, firms can now create duplicate templates and create email checklists. But the best part remains its ability to allow the business to choose its industry and create a checklist according to its goals and requirements to avoid any mistakes. This leads to accurate audits.

How Has the Security Issue Improved With Digital Audits?

Auditing of Your Security Controls With Real Time Capture of Incidents

If we look at the history of auditing, it was never impressive. Organisations used to consider it a burden rather than something helpful. This was because the entire process was manual, and auditors spent days and weeks examining a company thoroughly. Everything from the finances, accounts, production, manufacturing, and environment to local and international policies must be checked. It was implemented to ensure compliance. However, since the companies were big, many areas were left unaudited. Usually, firms ended up with no or less money as it was too expensive and time-consuming. As a result, the majority of the companies started avoiding auditing, which contributed more to its downfall as they couldn’t detect the major issues that could have been avoided.

The firms that were still auditing were also in losses because they were documenting the process on paper, which was often misplaced. Thus, it meant a lot of times, the evidence was lost, leading to poor decision-making that led to a company’s downfall. However, as time passed, the digital world gained the limelight. Every industry was moving towards making an online presence or simplifying the work processes. As a result, auditing was one of the many that underwent a significant revolution when the apps came into existence.

The applications were available for iOS and Android operating systems besides Windows to let every company in the world benefit from this automation. Organisations quickly started opting for the app and integrated them into their business models when they saw others gaining profits. Everything was automated, from creating a checklist to assigning tasks to specific departments to generating real time reports for timely action. Here the digital evidence capture made everything much easier for companies to find and present to higher authorities for action. This is why, according to a study, the total revenue from accounting and auditing activities will increase to $39.45 billion in the UK by 2025.

It allowed auditing agencies to examine the firm remotely. The task that was done in days and months now could be easily finished in a few hours. It even allowed them to reschedule the inspection if they were missed by any chance. From their beautiful dashboards to an easy process, all lead to a safer and more transparent working environment. Not to forget, its feature of real time capture incidents has made everything much easier. Authorities no longer have to search for evidence and tend to take proactive action with the help of digital signs that have made it more accessible. It even leveraged them to make proper decisions and ensure compliance. This was only possible when the company rules were aligned with international policies that only benefitted the employees and stakeholders. All this promised enhanced security at all times.


Digital audits have increased in demand, with organisations using audit applications in today’s world to simplify the entire process. They play a vital role in improving decision-making by detecting errors, issues and frauds beforehand and automatically assigning tasks to the concerned departments to take action. The pictures and videos of the problems help decide the future, and any breaches in security are brought to attention. The real time capture has helped many firms avoid major issues that may have contributed to their downfall, and with more features added to these applications, they will only be making profits in the future. If you are a firm facing serious issues regarding its ROI and security issues, we recommend you integrate digital audits for complete compliance and take the right actions against the problems. Contact our team now for any further information about advanced auditing apps.