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Managing your Food Standard Certification from an All-In-One auditing platform

Globally the food industry is a lucrative market that indulges in different flavours from different parts of the world. Ensuring they meet the standards, they require to conduct comprehensive food safety inspections. Who can say no to good quality food - compliance or regulatory bodies, if the correct safety measures are not met.

What are the minimum safety inspection measures to have?

  • ISO 22000
  • FSMA.
  • HSE self-inspections
  • Hygiene
  • Personnel or safety checks
  • Restaurant visits
  • BRC standards
  • & Many more.

A simple food safety inspection app can give you a high overview of the food safety measures and ensure everything is audited and documented. Within UrAudits library, we have standardised checklists making it 8x times faster for you from start to finish so you can focus on consistently meeting the food safety certification standards.

Food Standard 1

Is documentation stored safely?

Using UrAudits, you don’t have to worry about your data as it will be stored on UrAudits cloud ensuring no records will be lost. Our “Enterprise” package, offers you unlimited storage so you have that peace of mind.

Food Standard 1

Want to understand what’s going wrong and right?

With UrAudits dashboard, you see complete transparency on:

  • What fails regularly?
  • What is the top five?
  • Monitor and see progress?

Using UrAudits dashboard quickly highlights what is going well and not so well, saving you time in contrast to you analysing trends yourself. Get the full story in real-time, tracking issues, follow up actions, notice trends, patterns to make calculative decisions to improve the food standards and service levels. We help manufactures, suppliers and service firms instantly providing digitalised documented evidence for certified audits rather than using the pen and paper method which could cause the following barriers:

  • Takes hours or days to gather intelligence on the business
  • Conducting inspections via pen and paper, taking photos and then going back to the office to create a report which is time-consuming
  • Not completing actionable tasks allocated by the auditor
  • Less productivity and increased admin
  • Potential storage issues with paperwork

Eliminate “human error” and increase audit efficiency

With UrAudits, you can completely automate the response or replicate your current template to the UrAudits app as well as attach photos and videos. This allows you to conduct instant audits and delegate tasks via the app when an issue has been bought to your attention. Finally, tailor required signatories to comply with regulatory inspections.

Faster audits mean faster performance

If you are conducting daily, weekly or monthly audits to monitor or enhance your operations, the better standards you maintain, the better your performance becomes. Conduct audits, compare results and enhance your productivity and quality.

Food Standard 1
Food Standard 1

Maximise compliance

Ensure employees strictly follow the compliance guidelines to enhance your business quality. Increase customer loyalty and personal recommendations. Your customers will become your brand ambassadors.

Ultimately it is everyone’s responsibility to comply with health and safety and food standards. Empower your team with them taking ownership of their safety and correctly rectifying and reporting hazards to the correct person immediately. Take initiative, by turning issues into actions.

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All this is done from the comfort of your mobile phone or tablet device. So no more pen and paper as that is a thing of the past. Let’s forget about the days using pen and paper forms and excel checklists.

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Become a paperless organisation

At UrAudits we can help your organisation or service become paperless and provide a digital platform for your risk assessments.

Food Standard 1

Option 1 bespoke service

  • Send your inspection checklist to for us to upload
  • We create the account credentials for you and your team
  • Food Standard 1

    Option 2 Use existing templates

  • Use our library to search for your inspection template
  • Food Standard 1

    Option 3 Create your own checklist

  • Use the template builder to create your own customer inspection template
  • For further information please contact

    Food Standard 1

    How do I start?

    Food Standard 1

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    Food Standard 1

    Self explanatory or complicated setups, you can be set up in a minute.

    Food Standard 1

    Customer service team available via live chat on app and website - offering instant response.

    Food Standard 1

    Assign follow up actions as your doing a inspection

    Food Standard 1

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