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How to tailor your template title pages?

The main page is of immense importance, as it is the basic introduction to the users. You can create the title page in your templates which can be adjusted to display specific user-defined data. When the user-defined data has been created, you can easily amend or update the titles within your inspections reports.

This article will outline different ways to generate and customise sections in the template for web application and mobile application.

Before you start

Ensure you have “View and Edit” permission for the template. Learn how you can share your templates with your team.

How To Change The Name And Description Of Your Template Title Pages

Here it is shown step by step that how you can change the title and description of the template.

Web Application
  1. You will see a list of the menu on your left, from there select “Templates”
  2.  After clicking “TEMPLATE” the application will bring you to your template list “
  3. Now just take your mouse on that particular template to see the “EDIT” button, click it, this will open the template for you
  4. Then select “EDIT” on the top right corner, now you can edit the name and description of the template
  5. Once you have changed the title and description just click the button “SAVE” on the top right corner, it will save the changes immediately


Mobile Application
  1. Log in to UrAudits mobile application
  2. Click “Templates” from the menu which is at the bottom of your screen
  3. Select the template from your Template list from which you wish to change the title and description. Click “EDIT” on the right
  4. You will see a option of “EDIT TEMPLATE” below it you can edit the title name of that particular template and the description as well
  5. Then click on “EDIT TEMPLATE” and it will save the title and description for you!

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