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How To Download Templates from
UrAudits Library ?

Once you are done making your template or choosing one that is predefined for you. You can schedule it to occur at any particular time.

The template will allow you to run inspections of the same questions that you added under various selections! When the template is ready you can download it from the UrAudits library.



How To Download Templates from UrAudits Library (Web Application)

In UrAudits you can find a range of templates available from different industries ready to be downloaded.

Here it is shown how to download the template from the UrAudits web application.

  1. Log in to UrAudits web application
  2. Select “TEMPLATES” from the menu list on the left
  3. After clicking the button “TEMPLATE” you can select the template from our public library which contains a variety of free templates from various industries ready to be used
  4. Search for the template by the keywords or filter it, you can also go through the list and select the template of your choice.
  5. After you choose the template, download it by simply clicking “ADD TO MY TEMPLATES”.
  6. Your Template is now added to your Templates list



How To Download The Template From UrAudits Public Library (Mobile Application)


  1. Log in to UrAudits mobile application
  2. You will see a menu at the bottom of your screen. click “TEMPLATE”
  3. After clicking “TEMPLATE” you will see two buttons. “ADD TEMPLATE” and “PUBLIC TEMPLATE”, click on “PUBLIC TEMPLATE”
  4. After clicking on “PUBLIC TEMPLATE” you will see a range of multiple templates under the PUBLIC TEMPLATE list
  5. You can search for the template by the keyword as well
  6. If you select a particular template and click the button “PREVIEW” it will show you the template so that you can review it before adding it to your template list
  7. Once you select a particular template, click on “ADD TO MY TEMPLATE” and it will be added to your template list.

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