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How to create and move sections?

To avoid individuals who are viewing or conducting inspections from becoming overwhelmed particularly if there is a long list of questions, you can streamline the inspections by categorization. Creating sections will ease accessibility and improve the efficiency of your team along with senior management easily obtaining the required reports.

This article will outline how to create and move or rearrange sections in the template editor on the web app and the mobile app.

You are also able to format the sections into reoccuring sections allowing the user to repeat the same questions multiple times if required in one inspection.

Before you start

Ensure you have “View and Edit” permission for the template. Learn how you can share your templates with your team.
Remember, template changes only apply to new inspections going forward.



How To Create And Move Sections (web application)

Once you have downloaded the template either you have made it from scratch or chose it from the public library. You will have full access to create and move multiple sections. What are the sections? They help you contain the questions that you want to inspect together and enables to set the ordering priority to which it appears on inspection and Management Reporting

Here are the steps to guide you through the process.

  1. Log in to UrAudits web application
  2. Select “TEMPLATES” from the menu list on the left
  3. You will now see all your downloaded templates in your template lists, That list of templates will contain all the templates that you added either from the public library or have them made custom according to your need
  4. Just simply hover over the template and you will see the “EDIT” option on the right.
  5. Click the edit button, after clicking it you will see the icon of “ADD SECTION”
  6. You can add multiple sections and name them as well
  7. After making sections you can move them by drag & drop to prioritize the task you want to get inspected first
How To Create Sections (Mobile Application)
  1. Log in to UrAudits mobile application
  2. You will see the menu at the bottom of the screen, click “Template” from that menu
  3. After clicking the template all your templates will be shown to you, You can see the button “EDIT” on the far right of every template, click on that “EDIT” button of the template on which you wish to create sections
  4. After clicking on “EDIT”, the application will bring you to edit that template. You will see another button “SECTION” on the top of your mobile screen.
  5. CLick on that “SECTION” button and give a title to the template. After that, click on the “ADD SECTION” button, it will create that particular section on your template
  6. You can repeat the same process for adding multiple sections to your template

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