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How to create a checklist?



How To Create A Checklist (Web Application)
  1. Click on “Template”
  2. Choose a template from the public library or make your customised template.
  3. For a blank template click the “+” button.
  4. Click on “Edit” to add the title and description, click “SAVE”.
  5. Click on the “Pencil Icon” beside inspection to add a section.
  6. Then again click on the pencil icon to edit the name of your section, click “SAVE”.
  7. Just below the section double-click the field to add a checklist.
  8. Write your question then click the “Save icon” on the right to save the question, decide how you want to take the answer in as input by opening the dropdown.
  9. To add another checklist in the same section simply click on a “+QUESTION” button and add more questions.
  10. Click on the “+ SAVE” button, your template has been added to your template list.
How To Create A Checklist (Mobile Application)
  1. Click “TEMPLATE” from the bottom menu.
  2. Start making a new template.
  3. Give title and description to your template, then click “ADD TEMPLATE”. The workflow at the top of your mobile screen will be activated.
  4. From the top click “SECTION”, give the title of your section by clicking “ADD SECTION”.
  5. Once the section is made, click “DETAILS” to add a checklist.
  6. Ask a question and decide how you want the user to give the answer by deciding from “Text Answer”, “Checkbox”, and “Photo”, etc.
  7. Click on “ADD CHECK LIST” and it will be added under your section in the template.

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