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Packages That Fit Your Budget

We know different companies have different budgets. That’s why we have come up with three different packages. One of them is JUST RIGHT for you.



Just download the app and you’re good to go. Use it as much as you want.




  • Unlimited inspections
  • User roles & permissions
  • On demand analytics
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Just download the app and you’re good to go. Use it as much as you want.


Per User
per Month


  • Unlimited inspections
  • User roles & permissions
  • On demand analytics
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Talk to our consultant for the enterprise version and we will give you one-on-one orientation as well as any further help that you need.


Per User
Per Month

All of free, plus:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Complex user management
  • Enhanced support response time
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  • No Catch - No Commitment - No Card Details Required.
  • Quality Inspection at a lower price

No Hidden charges - Price mentioned above are inclusive of taxes/VAT (Value Added Tax)

Prices mentioned above are applicable with minimum 5 users.

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Inspection Limit 5 per month Unlimited Unlimited
PDF inspection exports 5 per month Unlimited Unlimited
Create inspection templates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Access to best practice Public Library templates Unlimited
Schedule inspections 5
Advanced Features
Action Plan 5x Per Month Unlimited Unlimited
Action Assigness 5x Per Month
Customise Action types
Schedule & Assign Audits 5x Per Month
Live video's
Team Administration
Team user limit 1x 0 - 25x 25x User +
Manage teams easily with structured groups Upgrade to Small/Medium
Account permissions
Role management
Business Analytics and Reports
On-demand analytics and reporting Upgrade to Small/Medium
Manage teams easily with structured groups Upgrade to Small/Medium
Access Historic Reports Upgrade to Small/Medium
Private data sharing of templates and audits Upgrade to Small/Medium
Report export formats Upgrade to Small/Medium Basic Advance
Integrate with business systems Upgrade to Small/Medium PDF, Web reports,CSV, JSON, .DOC PDF, Web reports, CSV, JSON, .DOC
Specialise Service
24/5 Support Standard support Enhanced response time
Dedicated account manager Available on Enterprise
Custom onboarding Available on Enterprise
Single Sign On, advanced user management


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* On the Free account you can add up to 10 users to your team, but each user carries the same limitations of a free account. To unlock all of UrAudits’ features across your team – upgrade to premium.

~ By upgrading your account to Premium you unlock all of the UrAudits feature set, to all of your team members. Please note, on the Premium account each user, starting with your first user, charges at a per-user rate since you are no longer limited by free settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have concerns and would like to make UrAudits, please email complaints@uraudits.com

UrAudits provides all the information to assist you setting up.
Please visit our FAQ page, Videos & 24-hour customer support to assist you on your journey.

Absolutely, Yes.
– UrAudits has customers across 40+ countries.
– 5* reviews on the Apple Store / Google Play Store / Google Review
– We can create your account and upload your checklist if that is what it takes to win your business. We
can do all the heavy so you can just enjoy and do your inspections.
– We can assure you that we can meet your expectations

We are available 24/7 for support via the app & website.

– General enquiries can be too sent too support@uraudits.com with an average response time of 4 hours.
– We can upload your checklist if you send it to checklists@uraudits.com
– Any sales enquiries can be sent too sales@uraudits.com

You can reach through various different options:
Visit our contact us page: https://www.uraudits.com/contact-us
Visit our FAQ page: https://www.uraudits.com/faqs
Email our support team: support@uraudits.com
Speak to our customer support team via the website and app.

Open Microsoft Store from Start Menu
1. Click the Start button.
2. You can access the Microsoft Store app from both the left side of your Start Menu and the right side as
live tiles.
Currently, the App is available for
*** Windows 10 devices & selected countries only ***

You can start with downloading the app via the

– App Store
– Google Play Store
– Windows
– Website

Once signed up, you can signup “Free” with a few simple information of your professional:

– First name
– Last Name
– Create Password
– Contact number

From there, you can create a checklist within minutes and start your inspection.

They are a few options:

Option 1:
– Please click on “Forgot Password” on the login page
– You will receive an email asking you to “Forgot Password”
– It will take you to a webpage where you can create a “New Password”

Option 2:
– You can email the customer support team and they can assist you in creating a new password.
Please email: support@uraudits.com

Option 3.
– You can reach out to us via chat support available on the app and website and the customer support

Yes, you can get a tailored made web demonstration by our customer support team that can answer any questions as well as show it to you a example. Please find the attached link below to request a demo:


No. You can only create one account from one email address. If you want to upgrade your account, please refer to UrAudits Pricing Page.

Yes. The administrator has the authorisation to remove and add individuals. Please login: UrAudits Dashboard As you have paid for the user license, you can remove the old details and replace him with the new employee with his details

Thank you and this is great news! You can trail the UrAudits app so you can get that live experience but for “FREE”. - We offer all our clients a Web Demo via Zoom explaining the process from start to finish. If you are interested, please reach out to support@uraudits.com

- If you want to trial the app but don’t want to spend time setting it up. Send your checklist & name/email address of the individuals to checklist@uraudits.com

- You can communicate with our customer support team offering 24 hours support via the UrAudits App and website.

- If you like to speak to someone, please visit our “contact us page” and one of our team members will reach out to you.

Contact Us - https://www.uraudits.com/contact-us

Yes, “action plans” can be deleted. Please visit the “Dashboard” to make the changes. FYI - Action Plans / Tasks Assignee’s are unlimited on the Enterprise package. (No limits)

“Action Plans” is available for all, Internal and external to the company. It will be available only for the auditor / task assignee / administrator to see.

The purpose of UrAudits is to promote teamwork ensuring you can reach high standards. The UrAudits App allows you to share the data you want them to see.

There are a few options to assist you.

Yes, we are well aware that there are people in contact but are not available on UrAudits, they can send the action task by a click on share action to an external member.

Option 1. UrAudits has a public library and allows you to choose an industry giving checklists available for you to choose from.

Option 2. Please send a email to support@uraudits.com Let our team find it for you

We understand that information may need to be moved or shared so UrAudits gives the admin the ability to export the data via CSV (Excel) files on the web page.

No problem.

UrAudits is able to work offline/online.

UrAudits can conduct inspections online/offline and once you can get within a Wifi area - it will sync to your dashboard.

We understand the life cycle for a organisation so allow companies to give actions to internal or external members.

You can make issues visible to certain users or groups.

The purpose of this app is to promote teamwork; hence anyone to whom the action is visible canamend with edit, view and delete.


Still have unanswered questions? Talk to our consultant and they will solve your problems.

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Complete FAQs

Go to our complete FAQ section to know more about UrAudits App. This section contains everything from billing to troubleshooting and everything in between.

View Full FAQs Here

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