What Are the Benefits of Using Mobile Audit and Inspection App for Health and Safety Purpose?

What Are the Benefits of Using Mobile Audit and Inspection App for Health and Safety Purpose?

January 20 , 2023

You may have heard people talking about doing away with paper in their workplaces or heard the term “mobile safety inspections” circulating about. But what does “Mobile Inspection” mean in reality?

Simply put, a mobile auditing and inspection app, also known as a “Check and inspect” solution, aids in streamlining procedures, boosting productivity, and enhancing the accuracy of reporting. You can create your own unique forms, workflows, checks, and audits using the application, both online and off. A mobile inspection solution, which can handle all of your mobile data collecting requirements, enables you to do away with the antiquated, paper-based method.

What Applications Are There For A Mobile Inspection Platform?

  1. Daily reporting and real-time with the help of data analytics tools, are captured to identify patterns and areas for improvement.
  2. Maintaining adherence to specific qualifications or accreditations.
  3. Risk assessment and mitigation through auditing, with a thorough audit trail of all actions taken.
  4. Customizable checklists offer complete transparency on to-do lists, alerting the appropriate parties if anything is overlooked, late, or needs more attention.
  5. Providing personnel with instruction and training, as well as mobile access to videos, policy documents, and user manuals.

Audit and Inspection in Health and Safety Sector

What Are the Benefits of Using Mobile Audit and Inspection App for Health and Safety Purpose?

With respectable results, the majority of shops and eateries have long relied on manual procedures and checklists at each site. However, everyone understands that times have changed. You need to step it up in the post-COVID-19 era and give safety culture top attention. According to Statista, workers’ decreased confidence in workplace safety is significantly influenced by COVID-19 and how well-equipped their employer is to stop and manage outbreaks.

  1. Greater Insights & Better Visibility

In the post-COVID era, maintaining client confidence in your health and safety procedures is your top priority. You may measure your improved sanitation with a mobile auditing software and make sure that everyone on your team understands its significance through collective record-keeping. You can then share the results with your clients to further emphasise your efforts, using everything from “cleaning and sanitation” checklists to “staff hygiene” checklists. Think about posting positive news on social media, showing feedback reports at checkouts, or making the data accessible on your website or app.

  1. More Coherence

What Are the Benefits of Using Mobile Audit and Inspection App for Health and Safety Purpose?

We are constantly learning new health and safety best practises as situations and regulations change. You may update all of your store locations’ policies at once and communicate them smoothly with the use of an audit and inspection app. The new policies will be immediately visible throughout the organisation with a straightforward update to the app’s code. Additionally, mobile auditing apps motivate you to perform evaluations, inspections, and audits more frequently and thoroughly, guaranteeing you consistently satisfy all requirements.

  1. Simpler Reporting & Tracking

An audit and inspection tool that highlights gaps at a glance makes it simple to spot problems and address them. You can easily ascertain whether a particular location requires further training or other resources to boost performance, develop consolidated reporting, and carry out remote audits as necessary. Assuring all stakeholders—from the leadership team to store managers—that you are following best practises for a food safety culture is made possible by this form of unified documentation.

  1. More Rapid Corrective Action

What Are the Benefits of Using Mobile Audit and Inspection App for Health and Safety Purpose?

It’s dangerous to allow even a little problem fester or go unnoticed. With a mobile auditing app, you may get rapid feedback on failed items and act right away to fix the problem. An inspection checklist app gives you a quick snapshot of how each location is doing, allowing you to assess where you might need to update your training.

  1. Improved Ownership Sensitivity

Whether it’s a mistake of judgement, an honest error, or casual neglect, a manual system makes it far too simple to falsify data or even assign blame. If you need visual proof of any suspicious activity, a decent mobile auditing system will offer image and video capture capabilities, in-app GPS and timestamp monitoring, and other features. This can lower human error rates and/or stop “bad actors” who claim to follow checklists but neglect their duties.

  1. Improved Training

What Are the Benefits of Using Mobile Audit and Inspection App for Health and Safety Purpose?

In today’s chaotic atmosphere, it’s simple for your busy personnel to overlook a step or fail to comprehend a new process, which could result in an unintentional error. A majority of workers learn through doing. By using a mobile checklist app, you can bring training to the workplace, where employees will more easily understand the new practises you’re putting in place after COVID-19.

  1. Offline Features for Mobile Reporting That Is More Accurate

Even in the most remote locations, data collection is made simple by the ability to conduct inspections both online and offline. Fill up your personalised processes with the relevant information as soon as it comes to mind, whether it’s for an inspection, an incident report, or even a routine daily check.

  1. Boost Performance and Cut Down On Waiting

When you make reporting simple, more individuals will submit their reports; a mobile inspection platform increases the percentage of inspections completed on time while improving accessibility for your staff. The simple workflows, automated notifications, and absence of paperwork to complete will cut down on process time and inspection times by half.


Factors like health and safety have an impact on a company’s operational performance. In the age of statutory risk compliance transparency, managing compliance is harder than ever. We must make sure that safety standards are the highest possible given that everyone is carrying a phone with a video camera. And not only for the sake of safety, but also for the company’s standing.

A SaaS programme that offers audits to make sure you’re fulfilling industry standards can help you perform better when it comes to addressing problems and taking remedial action. Utilizing reliable safety software to efficiently gather audit data tailored to your unique business needs is crucial for this reason. If you are searching for an internal audit dashboard, contact with UrAudits.