6 Great Ways A Cleaning Inspection App Can Simplify Your Work

6 Great Ways A Cleaning Inspection App Can Simplify Your Work

February 15 , 2023

As per the report from allied market research based on global opportunity analyses and forecasts on the cleaning service market industry, it is gathered that the worldwide cleaning services are anticipated to touch $111,498.8 million by 2030. Although, great demand shows a highly competitive market for cleaning service providers, allowing them to improve their services to overcome competitors.

Today, any business needs to improve its operation by implementing modern technology tools in their companies. The highly tech-based app can support enhanced procedures because it can decrease the time required to finish the task, make operations straightforward, and easily monitor outcomes. No matter your company size, keeping up and directing the teams in multiple locations is always challenging.

So, for a cleaning service company attaining a cleaning inspection checklist app to make quality control inspection is highly essential and advantageous. Using this app, managers can confirm that all the tasks are operating and completed efficiently in no time. Manual reporting is a lengthy and troublesome process. Mobile technology has transformed how businesses use and offer many pros.

Mobile forms have replaced paperwork, and unique reporting apps permit users to examine operations in the field with accurate workflow monitor and real-time reporting utilizing mobile devices.

So, here we will discuss the major benefits of having a cleaning service inspection app for a cleaning service firm. Let’s start

1. Enable Dynamic Quotes And Estimates

6 Great Ways A Cleaning Inspection App Can Simplify Your Work

It’s competitive to have a cleaning business. To quickly close the deal is essential for success. The key to quickly sealing a sale is simplifying business and answering consumer inquiries speedily. The customer service team can monitor each query and adjustment using the cleaning management software or an app. Even you make dynamic estimates and bids possible by it.

For instance the location size for cleanliness is one of the variables that customers can enter to receive real-time estimates. Based on the dates, the urgency of the project, and other pre-set factors, a dynamic quote generator adds pre-set charges per size of the location.

Using our UrAudits for your cleaning service can make end-to-end automation possible. This also allows for smooth work order management and quote management system connection. After confirming the work order, the scheduling program allocates a cleaning staff to the task.

Through their smartphone app, field agents (a person in charge of collecting intelligence and other information to support case officers related to cleaning service) can get quote details and perform the promised solution. The billing system gathers the rate and discounts from the quotes to ensure accuracy. The entire procedure is seamless for the customer because robust backend algorithms have automated it.

2. Optimize The Schedule Of Field Agent

6 Great Ways A Cleaning Inspection App Can Simplify Your Work

It is not sufficient for cleaning companies to have a vast client base, and orders arrive in overwhelming numbers. The situation quickly weakens if the company cannot provide excellent customer service. Cleaning up most of the area within a day is essential for success.

Enhanced optimal scheduling is critical to the field agents’ productivity and efficiency. Managing schedules with excel spreadsheets or post-it notes quickly results in chaos. It results in various circumstances, including forgetting about essential projects, failing to allocate teams to particular work orders, and more. Two groups get mixed up and end up in the same place for cleaning, and other major blunders can occur.

When your cleaning service firm use manual tools, it still makes work assignment difficult even without such accidents. The regular cancellations, allocated field employees taking sick leave, and more are all too commonplace. Field staff can also desire a shift exchange for personal reasons when unforeseen requests or situations arrive. Businesses that manually schedule have difficulty responding.

You can guarantee the best scheduling with our leading cleaning software. An algorithm in an app matches open work orders with field teams, the task can provide the nearest field crew for cleaning the client’s location.

It’s difficult for anybody to keep track of the times of every forthcoming work. The cleaning scheduler keeps track of tasks in clear records and sends notifications when new ones are due. Managers can monitor the cleaners’ workloads. When a manager clicks the cleaner’s name, the app displays the allocated tasks for the day, week, or month.

Use UrAudits’ user-friendly drag-and-drop calendar to simplify work assignments and change orders. Team leaders can assign each team member a specific set of duties. Field agents, clients, and other stakeholders are kept aware of any changes through prompt alerts.

3. Ensure Efficient Dispatching And Live Tracking

6 Great Ways A Cleaning Inspection App Can Simplify Your Work

It is a considerable problem when assigning cleaners to their particular jobs. It is vital to send the cleaners to an accurate location with the same tools. The excellent cleaning management software provides the ideal route to the target location. Using the cleaning service app, your assigned team can receive data on the shortest and safest way to the destination. Having a feature of map integration can show up in heavy traffic and road blockages. The built-in navigator can help cleaning staff take alternative route to arrive at the work site on time.

A GPS-enabled app can make possible live service van tracking. Supervisors can inquire about delays and act quickly to fix any problems. Customers can view the cleaning vehicle they were allocated and obtain the ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the cleaning vehicle they were given. Business analysts can study past trends to develop strategies to increase productivity.

4. Streamline Workflows

When the cleaning management services get the software’s linked smartphone apps, they can streamline the process. Field agents can access crucial data on their app, such as work orders and supporting documentation. They can consult the knowledge library for safety guidelines, technical details, and more. As a result, the fieldworker can arrive at the workplace with all necessary job-related information.

Your company field agents can download the inspection forms for the task from the app. Cleaning companies are free to upload their forms and carry on as usual from UrAudits. Without having to undergo a learning curve, they can love the advantages of digitization.

Precise workflow monitor, better insights auditors and inspections are made simple by an integrated dashboard with a clean user interface.

5. Confirm Integrated Functional Management

Seamlessly integrating the cleaning management service to manage inventory allows you to control the stock situation clearly. Respectively, cleaning crews can move to their workplaces well-armed with proper cleaning supplies and safety.

UrAudits cleansing management app allows data centralization and accessible data movement between enterprise systems. When a field crew visits a location, they can have the accessibility to the customer database and work order information to study the project’s specifics early. Things remain straightforward and organized thanks to a clear visual interface.

6. Activate Instant Invoicing

Any business depends on its revenue to stay at the bottom. The company experiences cash flow problems without immediate invoicing and timely payment collection. This consequently causes delays with advertising, reordering supplies, and everything else.

Using the cleaning management software from UrAudits, Agent’s field can create bills. Before they leave, agents can also collect payments. The suite prepares the invoice when the agent designates the job as complete. The suite then compiles customer information from the CRM, prices, discounts from the job order, and hours worked from the app’s geo-fencing features. The customer receives the invoice through email from the field representative.

Physical interaction is unnecessary because of the capacity to get e-signatures. You can get strong evidence of work completed through e-signature and digital photos incorporated into the invoice. Field agents can document proof of a job completed by taking before-and-after photos of cleaning location.

Cleaning service audit software has a payment system like PayPal using APIs. Before leaving the building, the field agent can accept payment electronically and issue an e-receipt.

Accounting is made simple, and integration with promising accounting software saves a ton of tedious effort. Furthermore, accuracy rises, and fast payroll processing is an extra benefit.


Businesses that clean windows can become more effective with cleaning management software like UrAudits. Companies can digitize their processes and earn the rewards of automation, ML algorithms, and other technologies. Talk to our professionals right away to get it!

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Our expert enables you to construct an auditing app where you can save data and use it to promptly arrange jobs for staff cleaning the office or site and keep track of who is available before giving them the task.

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